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Trip Report "It's Not That Kind of Trip" Trip Report

Okay, so here's what it's not...

It's not a "Senior Week" Trip - well, it kind of is. For our daughter and three friends. But we are just going to be there at the same time, in a different resort, as a just in case safety valve (two of the kids are still under 18).

It's not an "Adults Only" Trip - well, it kind of is. Once we get to WDW, we will say farewell to the kids. But we are doing one dinner with them and driving down and back with them. Oh, and we are also meeting up and doing some touring and meals with some friends while down there and they have 10 year old.

It's not a "First Time Since COVID" Trip - well, it kind of is. We've actually been twice since they reopened, last July and November (and @MeffysMom also went in March) - but this is the first time since restrictions have started to be lifted and my first since vaccination.

It's not a "Try New Things" Trip - well, it kind of is. Obviously, there are no new attractions since our last visit - we had been hoping that Remy or the Guardians or possibly Tron and Clu might have showed up early... or maybe Space 220 (ha!). However we are doing some new dining experiences (different meals at familiar restaurants or new restaurants).

It's not a "Last Minute" Trip - well, it kind of is. Our daughter has been talking about and planning her Senior Week trip since Middle School. But, with COVID, and some wary friends, and changes in friend groups - this trip didn't really come together until a few months ago (which for a trip 6+ years in the making creates a kind of last minute feel) and since COVID restrictions are changing literally by the minute the plans are still changing.

It's not a "Crazy Planners" Trip - well, it kind of is. As some of you have read in my previous Trip Reports, we have a history of doing extensive planning. Not so this time. In fact, the only attraction on our plans is getting Rise passes. Otherwise we are playing our attractions by ear. But our meals are definitely planned and reserved and adjusted and re-planned and re-reserved. And, our daughter has been tracking wait times in a VERY detailed manner to make sure that she and her friends maximize their time.

And, as of this afternoon's announcement, it's not a "Fireworks are Back" Trip since our last day is June 26th... close, but no cigar.

Okay, so now you know what this trip isn't. So, what is it going to be? Yeah we really aren't sure either. But that isn't going to stop me from a trip report! @MeffysMom and I are both high school teachers and our last day for this school year is tomorrow so I'm hoping to bring you some Pre-Trip action and also some fun pictures from the past (especially for those who haven't traveled with us before) tomorrow and Thursday before we hit the road on Friday morning. See you soon!


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I'm in!

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For those who haven't traveled with us before, let me introduce the crew. The 'usual' team (which is kind of going through a tough breakup right now) is myself, @MeffysMom, and our daughter. Let's start off with our daughter who has decided after 17 quality years living together to move on this Fall and start seeing a University full time. Let's just say we are all having a little trouble accepting this!

This is from her very first trip to WDW at 2.5 years old.
MK Peoplemover.JPG

And then we have one of her Senior Pictures from this year.
Margaret Fraizer-230.jpg

Then there's the two of us who are getting dumped. We were prepared for this. We've watched her grow and change and knew that she was drifting toward something cooler and 'more mature' than the two of us. Perhaps we still behave as if she was that little 2 year old in the first picture. Or perhaps we are just big kids at heart.


Please note that this is all tongue-in-cheek. Since many of you have been on our trips before, you know that I do have a bit of a snarky sense of humor. Truth is, we've just got a couple months before our daughter is suddenly 8 hours away from us for the next four years and we are going to enjoy every minute that we can!

On this trip, we will pretty much just be a duo, but the greater traveling party will include three of our daughter's best friends. We are driving down in two cars and her best friend will be riding with us (most of the time, all three girls in one car and me alone in the other). Once we get down there, the other two friends (boys, no less) will be flying in and Magical Expressing it to meet up with the girls and head off to be recent high school graduates for a week. And at a few points during the week, we will be meeting up with another couple and their 10 year old son.

So, that's the crew. Some details of our plans for the week coming soon!


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What a fun trip this will be! Looking forward to hearing all about it. And thank you for being teachers! What a crazy year it has been, but it’s over and summer break (and a disney trip) were never more deserved.

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