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This is mainly west coast news, but...
one of last week's bigger news stories in L.A. papers were about what a surprise it was that Disney reported profits for its last quarter, claiming in part that it was due to its last quarter cutbacks at parks and in the movie/tv realm.

Then this morning I hear a well-produced radio ad on two popular local radio stations KROQ and STAR 98 that Disneyland Resort is conducting a job fair for potential resort employees (either this weekend or next--can'r remember what the date was) at, of all places, Edison Field!

Now they did this sort of radio ad thing about a year and a half ago when DCA and Downtown Disney Anaheim was set to open, and in my 19 years of living in LA, these two incidents are the only times I can recall where Disney ever did this kind of recruitment ad. On top of all this, my wife used to work in radio at another popular local station and said that the ad has got to cost some decent $$$. They weren't run on ABC/Disney owed radio stations, either.

Therefore I ask, what gives? There's really only one new area--the Bugs Life Kid Zone at DCA--set to open this year in California. I realize that they are probably staffing for Spring Break and Summer after all the cut-backs. But is this a sign that after all the maneuverings last year, that Disney now has an idea of how to stock its parks with employees, concessionares, costumed characters and the like?

Note that the radio ad directly calls for people interested in food services, security, working the gates, being characters, etc--with the stated big Disney perk being free admission passes for all Resort employees.

I'm certain that this isn't a "let's hire a few dozen people" kind of thing. Not with the ad costs and the use of Edison Field (home of the Angels, former home of the Rams). This sounded like big-time job hiring.

Other question is for you Florida residents. Is anything like this job-fair going on out your way? If so, maybe we'll be getting all those temporarily closed attractions and the "dark" shows back up full time. :animwink:

We can at least hope that this is a good sign for us park fans.

But, more importantly, I'm eager to find out if this sudden hiring excites anyone else...


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Sounds Like a good sign to me!....Why they would advertise on a Clear Channel station and not run a free spot on one of there ABC O & O stations is odd though...Hmmm

I miss Danny by the way...Star 98 is a great station..and I am happy for him there in LA...but wish he was back on the air here in Chicago....:cool:


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KROQ and STAR 98 are 20-something demographics. Disney/ABC stations are either news, talk or classic rock--not the kind of young and potentially lower paid individuals that they are looking for.

The aren't advertizing locally on Radio Disney either. I asked my kids if they heard an ad (they usually perk up for anything "Disneyland") and they said they didn't.


It's HarmonioUS, NOT HarmoniYOU. is a what? hot AC....heavily female.. late 20ish ...30 something.... are right then..thats the demo they wanna hit.
I am/was not shure what ABC / Disney owns and operates in LA.
So the Clear Channel stations will hit there a Kiss FM and Star...and such.

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