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Rumor Is the End of Innoventions Near?


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Nooo.. All those poor characters kicked out of their homes with no place to live and no one to hug... :arghh:😢

I'd feel better if they started with Leave a Legacy.

Thanks for the info.
Character M&G = WoL


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Asymmetric park design is so very in right now, darling.
I could hear Edna Mode's voice when I was reading this :hilarious:

DCA 3.0 never happened and instead Disney seems to just be on auto-pilot with DCA, green lighting whatever will tie in with big Disney film releases that will be released within the next two years.(Both the Incredicoaster and Mission Breakout opened a short time after a film in their respective franchises was released and I’n sure the same will be true of the Jessie Carousel and Toy Story 4)
It just feels like DCA is the dumping ground for all IPs. This is similarly happening with Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris where they're adding Frozen and Marvel Lands. DHS is going towards that but not as extreme for the time being.

Mr. Johnson

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What DCA 2.0 did was mostly good, but I don't think it made DCA a good park. But, what really made the park to where it is now was ElecTRONica. Disney probably thought the success of the event was that (even thought the movie bombed) it was a success. because of being based off a new movie, instead of being a good nighttime event. Disney started promoting every blockbuster at DCA (with considerably less effort being made with very new movie promotion) and eventually that extended to the new rides (again Mission Breakout and Incredicoaster).

Mr. Johnson

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I really liked the Frankenweenie exhibit in the Art of Animation from a few years back at DCA. One of the few film promotions in DCA after ElecTRONica. that actually put more effort than just putting a 3D preview into one of the 3D theaters.


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thanks. Been so long since I've been through there- didn't make it the last couple of trips because the lines were so long for it. We got spoiled in that it rarely had lines 10 years ago.

We've actually got fastpasses for it for our trip next week.
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