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Is late August hotter than July?

Princess Kaylee

Well-Known Member
Hey guys. I'm goin to WDW for the first time in August from 8/23 - 9/1. Every other time I have been to WDW it has been sometime in July. I was just curious of the late August heat as I expected it might not be as hot in late August as in July since summer is drawing towards an end. However someone told me it is more hot and humid in late August than in July. Just wanted to know your opinions on the heat.
We went in late August last year and it was unbearable. It was 112 degrees one day, and had record breaking temps. Prepare for the worst with heat stroke...
We were in Disney last August 23-Sept 2. Yes it was hot and humid and a hurricane came through during our stay too! That said, we've also been there in the middle of June and experienced temps around 104! Unusual for that time of year we were told..lol
Anyway a hot humid day at Disney is still better than being in work ;) Have fun! Btw we planned an August trip again this year.

Walt d

Active Member
I'm from Michigan too, I was wondering if it may be hotter here than it is in Florida this week. :lol: It's like 97 right now, and the other day they said the heat index was at 110 degrees. :eek: It's funny how that works, in the winter it falls to the negatives, but in the summer I think it gets to be just as hot as Florida sometimes, and, like Florida, MI is also a peninsula so we're not spared from the humidity either. :cry: I don't mind the heat as much as some people though.
Im at s/w mi. Have been at the world in august. Un bearable. 20017 july and august here, was hoter then orlando for those months. Here 95- 98. Wdw 90 and high humidity. Make you stay in the shower longer. And lake mi. The Person that said it might get to, 70. Its 75 or better. To years ago, when it was so hot. The lake was 85. And dont forget The monsoon rain at night . You would think its cool here its not’

Walt d

Active Member
It is not just as hot in northern states! Florida is a sub tropical/tropical climate, the same cannot be said for northern states. You are crazy if you think Michigan or any other Northern State is as hot as it is in Florida during the summer. The thing you are forgetting is the sun down here is 10 times more brutal compare to up north. Your lake water never gets above 70° in the summertime. The ocean water down here gets so dang hot because of our climate. If it was truly that hot in Michigan the Great Lakes would warm up
Im in michigan was over at cocoa beach after being at the world, and there was a tropical storm coming through . 3 days later,the swell moved in Closer ,only a mile paddeled out in to the line up, to 16 foot surf. With no wind, i never surfed such big clean waves. Yes i like disney and the Ocean in fall. And your storms rock. We need wind here to make waves, have surfed in mi, on s/w wind from a hurricane. Here, best thing no sharks”
Hot, but you're also more likely to see some rain than in July. I went two years ago (on almost the same days you are) and almost every day we got about one hour of rain. The weather was still incredible, though.