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Hi! I was looking for IASW info and found this place. It seems nice. I figured I would introduce myself to y'all. :wave:

My name is Miriam, but please call me Miri. I have been a Disney fan all my life. I have been to WDW many many times, sometimes more than once a year. I am from Miami, Florida. Um.... my favorite character is Tinker Bell. (I am crazy about her!)

If you want to know more, just ask.

Well, nice to meet you. :)


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Hi, Miri. :wave: Glad to have you on wdwmagic. You'll find we're a strange, but nice group of people. Make yourself at home and jump right in when you're comfortable.


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Welcome aboard! :wave:

We have a few members from down your way... stick around and I think you will feel right at home here.


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Thanks guys. I already like it here. :D

Oh, and Scott... I am used to strange people. I am one of them. :D


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:sohappy: A new weird girl for us to play with :sohappy:

Welcome, hope y'all have a fun time here

(Hmm. "y'all" just does not work with a British accent :lol: )


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Welcome aboard:sohappy: I always though that people who didn't like Disney were wierd, so you are in the right place.:cool:


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Welcome to the party, Miri! Hope to be reading trip reports from ya soon! (I swear, one of these days I am going to be in someone's trip report as a CM who helped them immensely)
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