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I know this thread is dead but i am reviving it! I am making several games on a program called nesmaker: an Indiana Jones themed adventure game called adventure joe and the four temples, and a Kirby inspired game called gumdrop’s quest. Gumdrops quest is about a little slime named gumdrop who must go on a quest to save the kingdom of wonderia from being taken over by king bramble and his dark thorn kingdom, by collecting fragmented power Crystal pieces before king bramble can. These will both work on the nes.


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I'd absolutely love to make a Disney styled game. But, Im unsure how 😂. I have so many ideas including a theme park building game; an epic mickey styled game where each land is taken over by a hero who has been hypnotized into a villain (many ideas here), where you could also do side quests which would "repair the kingdom" earning trust and reputation.
Here are a couple disney properties that might make good games:

The Black Cauldron
Game type: 3rd person adventure/horror/cooperative/RPG

Info: This would basically be a game loosely based on the black cauldron movie. The game basically center around the main character Taran as you start the game learning about how to be a knight while doing chores to care for the farm until the horned king's men and beasts come in search of Hen-Wren. From then on you will progress through the game gathering different allies, equipment, magical wards, and clues to the location of the black cauldron. You will also have to face a variety of enemies ranging from magical beasts, guards, evil knights, witches, undead summons, and eventually a grand finale with the Horned King himself.

The haunted mansion
Game type: first person horror/mystery/survival/puzzle

Info: Welcome to the Gracy family estate but this is no ride. Normally the estate is happy to accept those who are willing to add to their
collection of happy haunts but you are not there for that. You seek the mysterious treasures lying hidden within the estate itself. In order to acquire these items you must unravel the many mysteries that are buried within the estate. For example, where did the black widow bride hide her fortune taken from her husbands? Be warned how ever that not all ghosts rest happily within these long dead grounds. Many are also not too eager to see their mysteries solved hence many will attempt to drag you into the grave itself should you dare to get too close.
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