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If you want to give kudos...


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Mouse Hockey, actually, from home you can go one better than a GSF card. If you write a letter or email (information needed is in this thread), not only does it go on the record card like a GSF, but the cast member gets a copy of the letter and a special pin.


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Excellent suggestion, robynchic. Working at Disney is harder than it looks. Take time to pass along a word of thanks or praise.


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As a former CM myself (at WDW and at a Disney Store) I can tell you that I never heard about guest cards that were positive. I did hear about letters though, and I still have one that was written and keep it as part of my portfolio.


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I can tell you how impressed I was when eating at the Prme Time Cafe. One of my party has a gluten issue. The waitress sent out the chef who explained in very impressive detail every item on the menu that she could have. He was very articulate and impressive. KUDOS

Cesar R M

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Make sure to write to Guest Services and tell them. Disney puts up all kinds of guest letters for people- and you may even help that person get some kind of notice in the newsletter!
Question is, how do you identify the CM is he/she's a character or a foamhead?


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I never knew we could do that. We had a chef at Magic Kingdom come out to our table and he was fantastic. What a great experience we had with him. You could tell he loved his job. There are so many at WDW who are there because they love what they do, not for the money... And that's how I am about my job. It's sure not about the money at the hotel I work for, it's because I love people. Some dont realize how many in service industry get capped out and we go long times between raises.


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So the little handmade thank you cards for the sweepers are probably not something that will "work" as it obviously doesn't get a managers attention. ....
There goes one of my small "make a change" ideas down the drain ...


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I sent an email yesterday regarding two lovely CMs I encountered last year and received an email back today! I hope they can track them down as I was a bit blurry on details. :)


Make sure to write to Guest Services and tell them. Disney puts up all kinds of guest letters for people- and you may even help that person get some kind of notice in the newsletter!

We do this each year we go to Disney. We call out any Disney cast members who went above and beyond what was expected. I usually receive a call or e-mail that they will recognize these cast members. My understanding is that Disney does recognize them.


Now I always take the appreciation cards I find online. they are cute, i print them on card stock and give them to cm's who make my day. One of my favorites is Buzz Lightyear who says "YOU MADE TODAY OUT OF THIS WORLD". LAST TRIP MYSELF MY AUNT AND HER FRIEND WHO WENT WITH ME ALL GAVE OUR SERVICE AT BE OUR GUEST CARDS AND I THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO FAINT. He said he has seen other cm's with them, but never got one himself. I was like wow... he was super nice..friendly.
I had just missed the opening of Be Our guest - had gone that year in july to be there for my birthday. had family weddings in the Poconos Pa, Jamaica and Mexico...so they kind of used up my disney money. so now i am going in october. resigning after 40 years at the same job the last day of march and heading out to disney the first week of april. a good start to retirement. and going with a niece and her 2 girls now 2 & 5 their mom says it has to be spring break week and will let me know when the 5 yr old starts kindergarten this fall... I hope it falls the first week. One girls birthday is april 5th and her sisters is april 8. so much we could do to celebrate birthdays....I SO CANNONT WAIT :):):)


Here's another way to give kudos (using twitter): post a picture of the cast member with a little something about what made the interaction magical and use the hashtag #wecreatehappiness
That's a post to an online platform that is sure to be seen. :)


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old thread I know, but one of the best ways now to give kudos to a great cast member is to tweet about them! Take a photo if you can, then tweet who they are, where they work, and what they did. Make it attention @WDWToday and tag #castcompliment and they'll get them a nice little thank you certificate. I've heard they may sometimes also give them other extras as well.

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