If you had to spend the quarantine in a World Showcase pavilion?


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mexico!!! I get to hang out with Donald, eat Mexican food in a beautiful setting id prob put a hammock on the other side of the canal of the restaurant …. and sometimes turn down the sound and just take a nap on the boat ride

Tony the Tigger

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I don’t think anyone said Canada?

And neither will I. 😀

My first thought was Italy. Being Italian, I thought I’d be most comfortable and eat well. But we hardly ever eat there and I get bored quickly!

That brought me to France, for excellent food options on three different levels. But everything else is kind of ho-hum.

So to my somewhat surprise, I’m leaning Mexico/UK.

Mexico it is.


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Got this from another website. If you had to spend the quarantine in a World Showcase pavilion which one would it be and why? For the sake of this discussion the chosen pavilion is fully staffed and stocked with any rides, movies, shows, performers, shops, and of course QS & TS restaurants open.
Great question! I’d go with the American Adventure and get me some of that new Sam Eagle BBQ!

Now quarantine in a n attraction, that’s gotta be Spaceship Earth!

Disney Crazed

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Vive La France and I would stuff myself at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie the entire time. They would have to roll me out of there. 😄

Kate F

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Norway would probably be last on my list since I’m not a Frozen fan and am also not interested in eating cold fish.


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As a Brit I feel somewhat strange saying this, but right now I'd probably opt for the UK pavilion.

I miss being in a good pub with decent food, so it would somewhat tick that box for me.


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Such a fun topic! So many choices and few wrong answers.

To quote Queen "I want it all and I want it now."

That said:

France. The fountains at night, Impressions, Belle and Aurora, oh...and FOOD!!!! At this point, the wine cellar would need some serious restocking. Plus, some ride's about to open there, IIRC. ;)

After France, so much goodness remains.

Germany: Beer Hall, food, beer, music, beer, chocolates, beer...did I mention beer?
Mexico: The wife would never leave. Margaritas, tequila, River of Time, margaritas, doing shots with Donald...and, of course, great food.
Japan: Love the atmosphere, love the food and performances.
UK: Beer, again. Pub food, and it almost feels like a small town.
Canada: Love the gardens and waterfall, and having a steakhouse is a good thing. Plus, rock and roll!
Morocco: Fun atmosphere, good food. Get me Jasmine in her Old School outfit, I'm sold.
Norway: Like the ride, both old and new, never had the food there, but love the treats and the atmosphere. Fully staffed? It'll be Princess Paradise!
Italy: Okay, like the food, but there's just not much there, there.
America: I like it, it's home, but the familiarity makes this kinda "eh". Plus side: Turkey Legs! Funnel cakes! Plus, I love BBQ, though still haven't tried Regal Eagle.
China: Gift shop is fun, I've never tried the sit-down restaurant, good entertainment, but the quick-service dining is blah.

So, it's France FTW for me, but there are so many other great choices, you really can't go wrong.

Red Wench

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Norway is where I'd choose. I do like the Frozen Ever After Ride. The Kringla BakeriOg Kafe is wonderful and Akershus is pretty good as well. The shop is also nice.
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