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If I could improve Walt Disney World....


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My Ideas For WDW

I was bored and couldn't sleep and ideas just kept pouring in last night....

If I could improve and add my own magic to WDW I would do these things to...

~*The Magic Kingdom*~


Storybook World - A giant dark ride in the tradition of Tokyo's Pooh's Hunny Hunt, We join Mary's Little Lamb in the hunt for the Big Bad Wolf as he goes through story after story causing havoc and mayhem.

The Forbidden Mountain - We go deep in into the bowels of the evil mountain as we encounter a sinister conference with the most evil of Disney villains and narrowly escape with the help of the young hero from The Black Cauldron.

Promise of the Rose: The Enchanted Curse of the Beast - A new animatronic show where guests explore the secrets of the legendary Beast and how love conquers all. (replacing mickey's Philharmagic)


Fire Mountain - A hair-raising escape from the eruption of a giant volcano is the setting for this impressive morphing roller coaster.

The Great Jungle Expedition - Choose your vehicle as The jungle Cruise is invaded by an edgier "Jeep" safari in this inter-active, tongue in cheek, dueling tour of the jungles of the world.

Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle - a technically innovative new roller coaster takes you high into the jungle canopy as you escape killer monkeys and a stampede of Elephants with the help of Tarzan.


Geyser Mountain - A new mountain completes Big Thunder Valley as a mine train is caught within the bowels of a supposedly extinct Geyser.



The Space Pavillion - Go high above the earth as you are taken on board an orbiting space station where you train to be an astronaut and explore the outer reaches of outer space.

World of Motion - Discover the latest advancements in the technology of transportation as you go inside the inner workings of GM 2050.

~World Showcase~

Switzerland - Explore a Swiss village and discover the most famous alp of them all, The Matterhorn.



The Gondolas of Venice - A New canal ride at Italy

Castle Neuschwanstein - Fantasy becomes reality in this magical tour of the famous German castle.

The Mountain of Mist - A new Mountain is the setting for a bullet train ride through Japan.

Illuminations: One World - A new extended version of Reflections of Earth features the new "History in the Sky" as the various icons of World Showcase are used to display epic events that shaped the world today (featuring an epic battle represented by the Matterhorn of Switzerland and the Mist Mountain of Japan)as well as a new projection system that projects images in the waters of World Showcase Lagoon.


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Here are the others:

~*The Disney-MGM Studios*~

~Hollywood Boulevard~

Cinemagic! - Taken from the Paris classic, Cinemagic is a tribute to the greatest films of all time. Located alongside the great Movie Ride inside the Chinese Theater.

Lights! Camera! Dreams! - A new show staged in the central plaza of the Studios, join our starlet Norma Jean as she pursues her dream of becoming a Hollywood star set to the music of the most beloved movies of all time.

~Sci-Fi City~ a new land dedicated to the imagination and innovation of Science Fiction

Alien Encounter - This is not the cute and fluffy Alien you see in that other land, this is a no holds barred fright fest as the infamous Alien of the Ridley Scott movie is accidentally teleported right in front of you.

~Bay Lake~

Hollywoodland Speedway - A new kind of Autopia takes the form of a highway through Hollywood while riding some of the most famous cars in movie history. By the way, watch out for the Batmobile, it's pretty gassy and try not to pass the car from Knight Rider he tends to be very emotional and don't even think of hurting Herbie's feelings.

~Big City U.S.A.~

The Incredible World of Supers - Welcome to the NSA, please don't mind the spectacle you see in front of you your memory will be erased shortly.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Based on the hit television show, laugh 'till you drop in this hilarious improv show.

~The Backlot~

Makin' Movies Play Area - Unleash the kids to unleash their inner Copolas and Streeps in this studios themed play area where kids can make movies, be in movies, and record sound for movies.

E - Mode - World renowned fashion queen Edna Mode invites you to "test" her new miracle fabric softener and anyone who has seen her tests know what I'm talking about.

The Edna Mode Show - Can't get enough E? well You can sit down and participate in her interactive daytime talk show as she critiques the fashion of today's stars and modern theme park goer.

The Scare Factory - Ever wonder why monsters are so scary? That's because they go to Monster boot camp of course! oh by the way, you're in the crash course. Based on the Pixar movie Monsters Inc., The Scare Factory takes you to a hair-raising tour of the monster factory as you try to find the door that takes you back home

~The Animation Courtyard~

Mickey's Philharmagic - A Fantasyland favorite finds a new home in the Animation courtyard as it breathes music into some of the most beloved Disney animated classics


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~*Disney's Animal Kingdom*~

~Discovery Island~

The Festival of the Lion King - The Animal Kingdom's most beloved show finds a new home inside the Tree of Life.


Tarzan Rocks! - The DinoLand musical comes home to Africa.


The Maharajah Royal Menagerie Experience - The Maharajah Jungle Trek transforms into a lovely royal tour through the Maharajah's collection of animals while boarding a lovely balloon type vehicle that takes you above the exhibits.

~Beastlie Kingdomme~ - the wet dream of all AK fans, the kingdom where mythical beasts come to life finally opens its mysterious doors to Disney's Animal Kingdom. You all probably know the rides and attractions that come with this land so I will no longer elaborate on it.

~The Amazon~

Amazon River Adventure - Take a rattan boat raft ride through the famed Amazon river and marvel at the beauty of the many birds who call this land home, come encounter and actually touch the elusive pink dolphin, play around with the slow Sloth, watch out for the lurking jaguar and have a harrowing experience with the deadly Piranha.

It's Tough To Be A Bug! - Flik and friends find a new home in the most insect populated place in the world.

The Legend of the Anaconda - Explore an ancient temple dedicated to the world's largest snake but we warned not to go too deep as the ancient snake God does not enjoy nosy visitors. This intense innovative new coaster type attraction combines the thrills of roller coasters and the experience of EMVs as we go through an ancient temple and anger a sinister Snake God. Trouble starts as soon as we lock ourselves inside the sacrificial chamber and the walls reveal thousands of snakes slowly slithering towards you. Things don't get any better when we ride an old mine train and are pursued by an angry giant anaconda and are ultimately wrapped in its coils ready for feeding.


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no one seems to care but I just can't stop thinking of them so I doodled some of the new attractions:

Storybook World at the Magic Kingdom

Illuminations: One World at EPCOT a composite of some of the new effects added

The Edna Mode Show at the Disney-MGM Studios

The Legend of the Anaconda at Disney's Animal Kingdom

sorry, i don't know how to post an image....


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Thanks so much guys! you inspired me to make more :D

Promise of The Rose: The Enchanted Curse of the Beast at the Magic Kingdom

Geyser Mountain at the Magic Kingdom

Amazon River Adventure at Disney's Animal Kingdom


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Thanks guys, Geyser Mountain is actually one of the rides that was supposed to go to Disneyland Paris for its Phase 2.

ImaginEAR, I also noticed a bit of Pixar overkill at the studios but I can't see them fitting in anywhere else.

thanks Epcot28guy :)

I doodled a couple more pictures , with a brief description of the attraction..:)

Lights! Camera! Dreams! at the Disney-MGM Studios

LCD, follows is set at the studios Plaza with the Chinese theater as the backdrop. The show incorporates music, special light effects, projection screens, dozens of performers and streetmosphere to tell the story of a small town girl who dreams of making it big in Hollywood.

The show actually begins an long before the actual showtime as streetmosphere performers take their spots on Hollyood boulevard and lets guests feel as if they really are in Hollywood. Then just before sunset, the music queues and a big bus comes down the street and out comes our heroine singing to the tune of "The Sound of Music". The streetmosphere perfermors then pitch in as they help the girl fulfill her dreams of becoming a movie star.

Germany Pavillion with Castle Neuschwanstein at EPCOT

Take a tour of Germany's most famous castle, The Castle Neuschwanstein. Be warned for lost spirits reside within the walls of this majestic castle.

The Castle Neuschwanstein Mystery Tour will be one of the most unique experiences in all of EPCOT as you are suddenly transported back in time by the mysterious powers of the magic mirror (courtesy of Snow White) and witness first hand the "real life" Snow White and how she escapes the evil queen. (this is not a ride)

Wannabe Walt

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WOW! Thats all I can say! Those are amazing concept peices. I am checking into SketchUp right now just because its much easier (and better artistcally...usually) to draw with than myself.


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That's really, really good. I really like the concept for "Lights, Cameras, Dreams!". I'm guessing that the hat is gone, right?


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ImaginEAR said:
That's really, really good. I really like the concept for "Lights, Cameras, Dreams!". I'm guessing that the hat is gone, right?

Yup! The Hat will be taken off to accomodate the show, it will be full of great songs from famous movies including Disney songs. It will be shown twice a night at the same time as Fantasmic! (the best time to watch would be the first show during Sunset, both shows will have the streetmosphere performers beforehand) it will be timed in a way that guests could watch both Fantasmic! and LCD at the same night. One of the highlights of the show would be the love medley where the heroine (I'm not sure what to name her yet) is taken on a tour of the city by the "leading man". Songs in this segment include "Up Where We Belong", "I Will Always Love You", "A Whole New World", "So this is Love", "My Heart Will Go On" and many more.

Thunder Mesa - There will be a major expansion of Frontierland which includes a re-routing of the Rivers of America to make room for "Thunder Valley" which includes a classic "western" town called "Thunder Mesa" which sits in the shadow of both "Big Thunder Mountain" and "Geyser Mountain".

I made a sketch featuring the Thunder Mesa Railroad Station with Geyser Mountain in the backdrop:


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That drawing of thunder mesa with the train looks amazing. Geyser mountain could also house the Western River Expedition as well. 2 E tickets that I am dying to ride and will forever hate disney for not building in one building.


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^ God... it's two rides. I wouldn't hate Disney forever for not building them.

Thunder Mesa and the train station are amazing.


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Yeah, i was planning to add in Western River Expedition after the initial expansion of MK.

My Expansion Plan:

Year One: The "kingdom" parks receive much of the attention for this year, with "minor" additions EPCOT and Disney-MGM

Magic Kingdom = A Major expansion which includes a major remodeling and expansion of Fantasyland, remodelling and slight modification of Tomorrowland (demolition of the Indy Speedway), construction of the new mountains (Fire, Geyser and the Forbidden Mountains) and major expansion of Frontierland (with Geyser Mountain and Thunder Mesa, plus rerouting the rivers of America)

Disney's Animal Kingdom = Construction of 2 new lands: The Amazon and Beastlie Kingdomme

EPCOT and the Disney-MGM Studios = receives a new stage show. EPCOT = Rythyms of the World; D-MGM = Lights! Camera! Dreams! Epcot also receives a new country and 2 new mountains and Disney-mGM receives Cinemagic.

Year Two = EPCOT and Disney-MGM catch up to MK and Ak

EPCOT = Major remodelling of Future World with the addition of a people mover spanning all the pavillions, Mission:Space becomes part of the Space Pavillion, Test Track becomes part of the Transportation Pavillion with the return of "World of Motion". The Universe of Energy becomes its own Pavillion with Stormrider as an added attraction. World Showcase receives 3 new countries (Russia, Africa, Australia) and 3 new attractions are added (Venetian Gondolas at Italy, The Crystal Palace at the UK, The Neuschwannstein Castle at Germany) and Illuminations is upgraded into the extended "One World" version.

Disney-MGM Studios= The entire park is zoned reinforcing the indivdual lands, The construction of Sci-Fi City, Big City U.S.A., The Studios Lot, and Maroon Studios as well as the construction of the Hollywood themed Autopia.

MK and AK = MK will receive a "complete" version of Cinderellabration: Lights of Romance. AK will receive its first night show: "Noah's Ark" set in the lake bordered by Asia, The Amazon and Dinoland.

I'm gonna try and draw new maps for the modified parks, i'll post them as soon as their finished :D

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