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Trip Report If At First You Don't Succeed...*COMPLETED*

Well we're trying again.

Easter week at WDW.

Not my favorite week to visit but when your travel buddy is a teacher, you make the sacrifice. Except this year it doesn't feel like a sacrifice. The loss of our Easter 2020 vacation (thanks to COVID) was harder than I expected. I’m excited to have the chance for a do-over!

Of course the plans we had in 2020 aren't the same for 2021. We'll have no Fastpasses to skip the long lines. There will be no turkey sammie for lunch at Be Our Guest or All-American Sundae from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. No fireworks to conclude our Disney days. And we'll be staying at a different resort.

But that's all okay....there's still fun to be had! And thanks to the credit we received from last year's cancellation, most of our trip is already paid.

I have to give David's Vacation Club Rentals props. Eighteen months ago I'd signed a "no refunds" contract for our 2020 points rental, figuring it was a low-risk gamble. When the pandemic happened and WDW closed, we considered our monies lost ~ disappointing for sure, but understanding that was the result of the risk we took. After all, David's is a business which would also lose money from this pandemic. Legally they did not have to do anything for us. Yet I received a travel voucher for the full amount we paid.

I hope to report live on the adventures of Tuvalu and Em beginning next Sunday. Time will tell if I succeed. ;)


(Must have been a Callan photo shoot. :hilarious:)


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Room is ready. All Star Movies must think we’re a couple, rather than mother/daughter.

I like the 3 characters, lit-up art display above the bed. That aside, the rest of the walls look barren to me, but I'm not exactly a fan of (this particular) minimalist interior design.

Also, I could never understand why hotels bought so many king beds, when the public usually always prefers 2 queens. Since I've travelled solo a number of times, the front desk will often give me a king room, so that it's one less king room for them to unload. ;)

Know what’s not impressive?

Floating planters with plain greenery, not flowers.

Yikes! The floating flowers were always a huge favorite during F&G Festival. I can't believe they stuck plain greenery on them, and called it a day. :hilarious:

And the only thing worse than giant lagoon tacos is a giant loop that resembles something Evel Knievel would jump through on his motorcycle.

What is the heck is that, anyway? :p

The U.K. is all abloom!

LOVE the flower displays at the UK pavilion. Even when it's not F&G Festival time, that pavilion is always landscaped so attractively. ❤️

Another sight line ruined, thanks to the new Swan Reserve.

That's really hideous -- just what we need: another sight line ruined. :banghead:


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We had to move to the side to allow the royal procession to pass through.

View attachment 545291

View attachment 545292

Then we up got close and personal with a couple Muppet friends.

View attachment 545295
How pretty is Miss Piggy?!!!

Kermit riding his bike was a jaw-dropper for me when I saw the original Muppet Movie when it was first released. (Yes, I avoided the dinosaurs when I entered the theater.)

Therefore this topiary of him on his bike will ALWAYS be my #1 fave.

View attachment 545294
Love all the colors here!

We noticed these markers on the ground in many places.

View attachment 545293

Em and I always wear our masks. (“No Mom, at Disney they are face coverings.” I stand corrected.) Sadly the same cannot be said by many people we’ve seen today.
What is the percentage that’s not? How are they getting away with not?


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Monday, April 5

Good morning from All Star Movies!



We aren’t in a rush to get going. Em has a couple appointments (she is a teacher interviewer for her county) and then we’re packing up to move to resort #2.

I placed an order for a couple of muffins and walked over to the food court.


I’m standing in the “holding area” for mobile order pick ups. There is no one else here. It’s early.
Last night however? The hall was COMPLETELY filled with people waiting to enter the food court and pick up their orders. (You aren’t allowed in until you show your phone with your order pick up number.) It was nearly impossible for Em and I to pass through the crowd on our way to our room. This hallway is the main thoroughfare for guests from/to transportation.



Only CMs may access the food stations. Guests pick up their orders at a central pick up spot in the center.




The beverage station is also staffed by a CM. I got coffee for Em.


She said the coffee was good. But our muffins were STALE!! :hungover:


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So sweet of you to follow along! May I ask how the “only members of the same household” dining policy is enforced? Do you have to show something or is it an honor system? I’m curious how other places operate, since where I live (and Florida, obviously) is less restrictive.
I believe at the beginning the restaurants were checking IDs but restaurant staff got a bit tired of being yelled at and enforcing the policy so most places are just the honour system now 🙂. I’ve only been out once since that started and they made us sign a paper that we are from the same household but didn’t actually check Id. They also take names and phone numbers for contact tracing if necessary. We are allowed to have either one other household or 2 individuals as designated people that can visit in our homes so people are upset that they can have those people at their house but they can’t go to a restaurant with them. It’s getting a bit difficult to keep track of the rules haha


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I LOVE the Poly but my next trip needs to be on the cheap side! I am meeting my 2 nieces from Tampa and we need 2 rooms and was thinking of staying at POP or AOA then I saw where you stayed at ASM so I am giving it consideration.

How was your stay there? Beds comfortable? I think all food courts are a fiasco right now but we are going in October and hoping things will be a little more relaxed then but not counting on it!


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Since I didn’t officially “check out” of All Star Movies...and it’s before 11 am....I stopped at the front desk to have the CM switch our bands over to the Poly and asked if our room might be ready. It isn’t but I’m not surprised.

The CM gave me the customary welcome leis, now sanitized for our protection. He instructed me on the proper way to lei my traveling companion. 😏



Making our way to the bus stop.




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It's my favorite stop - especially during F&G!! I just left last Thursday after a 4 day trip and couldn't agree with you more about the frustrations. Epcot has always been my favorite park, but this trip it fell to a hard second behind Animal Kingdom. The social distancing in line is a forgotten thing, so I always wear a loose backpack that I can swing as I turn around. I'm not even kidding - especially since people are right up your behind as in years before. The lack of flowers was just unforgivable and the hideous black hunks of metal in the lagoon do not even deserve a mention. You can't see anything across the lagoon! I still had a great time, but it was definitely due to adding alcohol. @Darstarr and @wdisney9000 would have been proud!


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I starved several times while I was there because I couldn't get the WiFi to work to mobile order. On my last morning, I practically dragged myself to the employee standing there and told her I hadn't been able to get food for 2 days. She walked me right to a register to place my order. Who knew?

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