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Trip Report If At First You Don't Succeed...*COMPLETED*

Well we're trying again.

Easter week at WDW.

Not my favorite week to visit but when your travel buddy is a teacher, you make the sacrifice. Except this year it doesn't feel like a sacrifice. The loss of our Easter 2020 vacation (thanks to COVID) was harder than I expected. I’m excited to have the chance for a do-over!

Of course the plans we had in 2020 aren't the same for 2021. We'll have no Fastpasses to skip the long lines. There will be no turkey sammie for lunch at Be Our Guest or All-American Sundae from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. No fireworks to conclude our Disney days. And we'll be staying at a different resort.

But that's all okay....there's still fun to be had! And thanks to the credit we received from last year's cancellation, most of our trip is already paid.

I have to give David's Vacation Club Rentals props. Eighteen months ago I'd signed a "no refunds" contract for our 2020 points rental, figuring it was a low-risk gamble. When the pandemic happened and WDW closed, we considered our monies lost ~ disappointing for sure, but understanding that was the result of the risk we took. After all, David's is a business which would also lose money from this pandemic. Legally they did not have to do anything for us. Yet I received a travel voucher for the full amount we paid.

I hope to report live on the adventures of Tuvalu and Em beginning next Sunday. Time will tell if I succeed. ;)


(Must have been a Callan photo shoot. :hilarious:)

Matt and Kelly

Well-Known Member
Yay!! So excited for you and Em. We have a credit from David’s too for our September trip. I remember saying in June last year “it’s ok the border will be open, we can go to Disney.” Well here we are over a year and still not allowed to cross then border. Heck we aren’t even allowed to have family in our house still! Your trip report will transport me to our happy place!

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