I'd like a new "official WDW album" CD


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It's about time they replaced the "Four Parks: One World" and gave a suitable successor for the "official album" of WDW. It seemed that for a while there was a new one every few years but that has stopped...perhaps due to slowing sales? (Then put it on iTunes!) I'm an avid CD and record buyer, and I know a lot of people that like to collect music from the parks in various formats. Just look at how many folks do so on MouseBits (which is a GREAT site).

The current collection has a few too many out-of-date tracks on it like:
"Friend Like Me" from Tiki Room UNM
"Solo Pilot Blues" from the Barnstormer
"Honey I Shrunk The Audience Theme"
"Star Tours" (original version)

And lackluster and generally bad tracks like:
"Playhouse Disney Theme"
"Test Track Medley"
"Destiny" from Mission Space
CTX Theme from Dinosaur

I'd like to see a new comprehensive 2-disc release containing more music. Keep the classic stuff, but add some more. Here's what I would like to see released:

Music from "Captain EO"
More music from "Frontierland" Area
Some unreleased track from The Main Street USA Area loop (Like "Dearie")
Some unreleased track(s) from the MK Entrance Loop
"Innoventions" Area Music
Something more substantial from Animal Kingdom. Maybe from the Expedition: Everest queue? I know there is a Lion King and Finding Nemo CD available separately...
I have been hoping for an official version of the new "Dreamlights" style MSEP music but I don't think we'll ever get that.

Anyways, what would YOU like to see released?


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Yea it's been awhile since the last release. I guess maybe their waiting on new music from FLE and then tack it on. I didn't even buy the current one, the last one I have is the 2005 version with the classic EPCOT Center tracks. Hopefully they come up with a set like the one Disneyland had, and include say the entire Kitchen Kabaret, 80's SSE, even Timekeeper and Philharmagic would be nice in that set. How about the MK welcome show too or the entire Sonny Eclipse show.


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Agreed, great wish!

Be nice to have some of the newer park sounds for certain.


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I love Four Parks, One World - it'll always be a favorite in my collection. But I'd love to see a new collection too. I agree that they will probably put out something new whenever the all the refurbishments are complete. There will be new attractions & music, so I bet we'll see something then.

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Some holy grail tracks:

- EPCOT original and current entrance medleys
- The Hall of Presidents original score by Joel McNeely
- The American Adventure's complete finale with Golden Dream, orchestra and chorus
- Captain EO's complete "We Are Here to Change the World" and "Another Part of Me"
- Energy Adventure by Bruce Broughton


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Ok, so I checked and I have 2005's The Happiest Celebration On Earth - 2 CD Set.

Is this older or newer than the 4 Parks One World Set?



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I too would like to see a new CD.

I still have the make your own CD from the AK a bunch of years ago!

Awesome! I'd love to see those CD Kiosks return sometime, they were AWESOME. MouseBits has the complete "WDW Forever" collection available for download, it's so cool.


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Interesting, Martin. Care to elaborate? What was supposed to be on them, do you know?

The initial proposal was one each quarter for each park upto the 40th. Possibly even rare material or a 2 disc set for MK and Epcot.

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