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Trip Report I swear this is the last time... COMPLETED


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wow..good wishes for great grandmother.
I'm so sorry. Sending prayers for Great Grandma.
Sorry to hear about the accident, I hope things get better soon.
That’s terrible. I hope your great grandmother has a full and speedy recovery.
Sending well wishes your way, hope your great grandma recovers soon
I hope your grandmother gets well soon. That's awful about the accident.
So sorry to hear this. I will keep her in my prayers.
So sorry to hear about your great grandma! Sending good vibes to you and your entire family.
Thank you for all of your kind words. My great grandma passed away on Thursday, but I know she would have appreciated each and every kind word sent her way. She was really one of a kind, and I'm fortunate to have known her.


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Sorry for your loss :(


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Sorry for your loss :(
My sympathies...:(
So sorry for your loss.
I’m so sorry for your loss.
loss. My phone thinks it's job is auto correct. May your memories be of comfort to you.
So sorry for your loss. Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
Thank you all :) It's been a difficult time for my family given the sudden and tragic nature of her passing, but I think everyone is coming to terms with it. She was a riot -- when I saw her in the ICU a few hours after the accident and we were all talking, she asked us what was for dinner which made us crack up.

we need a tony stark trip update:(
Well, last we saw him in Infinity War, he was stuck in space after the Snap... Couldn't resist that with Endgame coming out this week! When I spoke to my grandma on Easter, she actually told me she's looking forward to this trip as an opportunity to get away, so it looks like everything is still on!

So sorry for your families loss.
So sorry for your loss
Thank you very much for your kind words, I appreciate it. With any luck, the next couple of posts as we get closer to the trip date will be much more positive.


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TWO WEEKS OUT!!! Two weeks from now I will be inching closer to deciding whether or not I'm going to go to MK immediately after Epcot closes. MK has EMH from 10-12am, so I'm considering it. I know my grandma probably won't be up for it, but I do have park hopper on these tickets... and it would be nice to see Main Street at night and not be in a rush.... and to maybe... squeeze in a ride on... Haunted Mansion.

I still think it's bonkers, though, and that I'll just be setting myself up for failure for getting up in the morning, but... it shall remain under consideration until the zero hour.

In other news, I've moved our lunch reservations (thanks Mouse Dining!!) at BOG to within 20 mins of each other. I seem to remember you could show up to BOG 10 minutes before your res time, so hopefully that difference will shrink down to just 10 minutes. You never know, I might be able to get them both at the same time within the next two weeks... I'm very much looking forward to my carved turkey sandwich!! This trip, I'm going to try avoiding soda for REAL this time. I gave up soda about 2 years ago, and find that I only ever drink it while I'm at WDW (and then I have a transcendent experience with that first sip of Coca Cola oh my goddddd) but alas... I'm gonna draw a line in the sand. Water only 😤😤😤😤


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Only 2 more days of work to get through before I'll be at EPCOT... Just think happy thoughts... I was pleasantly surprised to find our Magicbands in the mail, as MDE was saying that we'd have to pick them up at the front desk...
And yet, here they are... I of course requested blue, but I'm considering picking up an Iron Man magic band after having seen Endgame... We'll see if I can bring myself to spend money on something I'm being supplied for free... but maybe it'll have a cool sound effect... I also managed to move my BOG reservation to within 5 minutes of my grandma's, so that's all set. If I end up going to MK Wednesday night (which, if I do... what would be faster, bus from EPCOT to MK or monorail from EPCOT to TTC to MK???), I want to get an All American Sundae, sit on Main Street... and just SIT!!! We'll see how tired I am.

My grandma asked for help going through my great grandma's things this weekend -- there were lots of cool things, telegrams my great grandpa had sent to his parents while in the Navy in the 40s requesting $30 because he was "flat broke. No kidding!" It was sweet. I also found a postcard my grandma had received from the Magic Kingdom in 1989.
He looks.... rough. Anyways, soon I shall be at WDW!!! These 2 days of work shall hopefully fly by, but this trip better not!
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