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I can't wrap my head around rider swap...


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Some attractions will allow Parent 2 to get a rider swap pass, without originally having a FP+ to that attraction.
Most attractions do. In fact since the introduction of the electronic version, it seems there are far fewer instances of people reporting on forums that everyone needed an FP to get one. The only rides I have heard of it being the case are FoP and 7dmt.

Andrew M

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So I've been using the paper ride swap system the past few times, when did they change over to using magic bands?


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Wow, I didn't know there was this much confusion. The original poster had it right.

Party of 7 with a 2 year old not tall enough to ride and no Fastpasses. Party approaches entrance and asks for rider switch. The group decides who is waiting out with the child unable to ride. That person will receive the digital rider switch. So they won't have to ride alone, they are permitted to take up to 2 others with them when it's their turn. Those members riding with the person waiting out also need to be added to the rider switch digitally. Once it is set up, the one waiting out with the child waits outside the ride. The rest should join the regular line. Once they get off, the switch takes place outside. The one who waited out and up to 2 others can then enter the Fastpass line.

Key Points:
  • Technically available at any ride if a child doesn't want to or can't participate and needs adult supervision. It's primarily for rides with height restrictions. Rides without restrictions may inquire why it's needed or give push back.
  • Purpose is so a party that has a child unable to ride doesn't have to wait through the regular line twice for the whole party to experience the ride, especially if the wait is long.
  • Good for up to 3 people total so that the one waiting out doesn't have to ride alone or for multiple people to supervise children unable to ride or to keep the one waiting out company.
  • Can be used if you have a Fastpass, but only serves the purpose to ensure a person potentially re riding in the group of 3 to have a valid way to enter the Fastpass line.
  • Procedures can be different toward the end of the day when it's close to park close.
  • If the child is tall enough, some rides may handle it differently such as inside the ride near the exit.
  • They went digital because people were abusing it.
  • Digital rider switch now has a specific return window to prevent abuse based on the appropriate wait. (You can't get one and just use it without waiting in a line.)
  • You can only have 1 rider switch at a time.
  • Rider switch also expires after an hour from return time to prevent people from saving them for later.
  • The child unable to ride is usually required to be present as well as cards/bands needed to issue it.
  • If a group has 2 children that can't ride, you don't need/can't get 2 rider switches. It's good for 3 so you can have 3 people watch those 2 kids if you need to.
  • Rider switch is not meant for people to get to re-ride the ride or for each parent to ride next to each child in a group. That's not the purpose and is abuse.
  • Kids that don't meet the height restriction cannot enter the line.
  • The rider switch is only for the ride you set it for (non transferable) and doesn't work in partnership with another ride (party 1 rides ride 1 while party 2 rides ride 2, then switches...no where does that)
I think that covers it.


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We used it in 9/17. I know it has changed, since then, but we did not want to ride alone- so we grandparents, used fp and our son and his wife scanned band and waited, with kids. (Some rides fp will run out by the time you do swap) They got a paper fastpass to come back and we took kids to do other stuff. I can’t imagine riding with a stranger, it would be weird. :-/ We did not use rider swap on just our trip a few weeks ago with just the grandbaby- because we did not want to ride alone.
Everybody had to be present and scan band, if adults. Once we were in line, a paper fastpass was given to the other adults.


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Does anyone know if you can use rider switch if the child is tall enough to go? My autistic grandson will do almost nothing anymore. (No spinning rides, high rides, fast rides, scary rides, bumpy rides, noisy rides, light changing rides), but he is tall enough for everything.

Using a rider switch so i could occasionally go on a ride with the other grandkids would be nice. I'm usually the one nice enough to volunteer to miss the ride and stay with him, his parents want to see their other kids enjoying the attractions and I don't blame them.

Is there an official policy on this- yes we do get a DAS for him for the rides he will do- or is up to the CM at the ride entrance?



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Rider switch is available whether or not the child is tall enough to ride. We used it in 2017, swapping with our son and his wife while We, the grandparents waited with the kids, then we rode. The oldest was tall enough for some of the rides but did not want to ride. Just walk up all together and tell CM at first entry. They used to give the first set or person, a lanyard and then at the last checkin they gave you a paper fastpass for the other party to return. I believe it is on Magicband now.
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