I-75 Speed Limit Enforcement


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Can't you buy one when driving in the USA?. Easy to do.. Does Canada police rip apart your car? Mums the word.. Go figure, recreational pot is legal in Canada but radar detectors are not?😕
There are some states in the US where you aren't supposed use them but even when I lived in one of those states I never got busted for it. Unless you stick it right out in the open no one is going to see it. I even remember some BMWs back in the 80's came with them built into the car... I guess you couldn't drive one of those across the border.

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We frequently drive from ATl to Detriot, and additionally from Atl to Orlando.

Here are where we observe the MOST likely place to see police activity:

Ohio (heading Southbound)
- From the Michigan border through Toledo.....10 mins south of Toledo the activity ceases a bit
- North of Cincy to the Kentucky border

- fairly quiet

- From Cleveland (Cleveland Tn is equidistant between Knoxville and Chattanooga) to Chattanooga,,,,,you wind through the Smokie Mountains here, and be sure to use your blinker, as the authorities really look for this as well as speeders

- North Georgia seems to be quiet
- Kennesaw to Marietta (North of Atlanta)...... traffics becomes an issue
- Atlanta....don't see how you can speed through Atlanta as the traffic will not allow
- Henry County to Macon (South of Atlanta)......be wary South of 75/675 ineterchange
- Macon to Florida Border ....this is about 160 miles or 260 kilometers. SET YOUR CRUISE CONTROL IN THIS STRETCH OF YOUR TRIP........ @The Mom I agree with the Mom here as the activity has really been strong of late

No matter where you are in your travels, the fast lane is the one the authorities tens to pay the most attention, followed by "the leader if the pack", regardless of the lane they are traveling

Be safe


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As the OP, I am happy to report that I did not receive any speeding infractions during our recent road trip. For the most part, I followed the flow of the traffic around me, even in situations where, for example, construction zone speed limit was 55 and everyone was doing 70. If there was little to no traffic, I kept it at 5 mph over the limit. One thing I do have to say about driving in the US, is the constant changing of speed limits on a major divided highway. Our major highway here in Ontario is the 401, which runs from the Windsor/Detroit border crossing all the way to the Ontario Quebec border, and is one of the busiest highways in North America. The speed limit is the same the whole length (construction zones excluded), no matter if the highway is running through a city or not. I couldn't count the number of times the speed limit changed on I-75, even within the same state. It's probably just strange because I am not used to it, but it caused my cruise control buttons to work some overtime.


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The constructions zones, at least from my limited experience on I-75, can be horrible. Last time I was heading south through Cincinnati, I-75 was a huge construction zone, speed limit of 45 through alot of it, and people were cranking by me doing 70. It was a little intense. Even under normal road conditions, I was doing 72-73 in a 70, and people were constantly zooming by at 85-90. I always drive carefully, no weaving in and out of lanes, so I shouldn't be attracting any attention that way.

That's what I was planning to do, so it sounds like 5 mph max over the limit should be a safe bet. Most drivers here in Canada are aware of the unwritten rule of no more than 20 km/hr over the limit on highways, and it is extremely rare to get pulled over at that speed.
I live near Cincinnati. 75 is known as an awful highway to drive on over here because of how dangerous it is. I know quite a few people who refuse to even get on it.

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The State of Virginia it is illegal to have a radar detector. I got a ticket on 95 had no idea why I was stopped wasn't speeding informed me illegal radar detector--had it sitting on the dash. There is one sign on 95 as you enter Virginia that's it.


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It depends on the car, the weather and the driver. Most new cars are very perfectly stable cruising at 90 to 100mph... unfortunately that's not the case for some SUVs and trucks... nor is it going to be a good idea if the weather is bad or the driver is drunk or high. I suspect more wrecks are caused by idiots that driver way under the speed limit on the highway than by those driving over it as people don't have to pass a speeding driver but you get a bunch of slow moving speed bumps on a road and it forces continual passing by everyone around them.
Yeah, because everybody knows that driving the speed limit kills...
They could. But you could be searched on the way back across the border. Same as going to the US. Strictly up to the border agent. I guess it’s up to the OP if they want to take the risk. Could affect the ability to cross, in either direction, for the future. But just be careful with speed, stay at the lane speed, and they are and no need for the detector.
And they could also throw it away at the last rest area in the US before crossing back into Canada.

Bottom line, a driver should be "safe" at +5.

Some states have actually announced they'll be unmolested at +10, but all it takes is a trooper having a bad day, and you'll become a source of revenue for the county.

+12 would be dancing with destiny. You're in the 50/50 zone there.
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My personal observation in Florida is when I've been able to drive 85 mph on the Interstate where the speed limit is 70 mph, I have never received a ticket. I don't like driving faster than 85 anyway. Do I recommend speeding? Obviously, no. Just an observation.
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