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Hurricane Irma


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The latest update shows "the cone of uncertainty" making a turn to the west (Edit: Showing the northward turn toward Florida in it's 9/5 5pm update). Some tracks show it going up the middle of Florida or hugging Florida's west coast toward the big bend. Hopes this thing follows the Gulf Stream then out to sea.

It's probably time to start a thread for it.

Here's the real time tracking map from the National Hurricane Center.


Hurricane models, maps, and more can also be found at http://www.spaghettimodels.com/

Watch Hurricane Irma webcams from around Florida.
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For all of you traveling to Florida soon...one of the best sites I've found to see the most up to date models and predictions all in one place is Mike's Weather Page on Facebook or spaghettimodels.com online. I've used it many times when traveling to places during hurricane season and he does a lot of live broadcasts on Fb as well with the latest info

Stay safe everyone and pray this turns out to the ocean, but beginning to trend more Florida and gulf for GFS or scooting up the east coast EURO. Things will change of course each run. Hopefully this won't impact wdw or anyone's vacations


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We are slated to arrive Thursday evening from Texas. Everyone is shaken from Harvey, so we are on edge.

Though, Disney wouldn't be such a bad place to ride out a storm.

We are packing our rain gear and hoping for the best.

Yeah, I wouldn't have any concerns about being at Disney during a hurricane. The thing that you need to be most concerned about is how a storm will effect your travel plans since it doesn't take much to screw up the airline schedules even if the storm doesn't hit the Orlando area directly.


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You are safer in Disney during a hurricane than probably any other place on the planet.

When they just get some wind and rain yeah but not if the eye goes right over wdw then...I'd choose to be anywhere else on the planet and there could be damage at wdw

Florida isn't that wide so the storm wouldn't weaken much if it took a b line for wdw

Not trying to scare anyone but this is something to keep an eye on with the models continuing to shift


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So I'm living in Kissimmee right now, a couple miles south of the Animal Kingdom area. On the 3rd floor of my building, windows face west if it makes a difference. We went and bought water and some other stuff yesterday, planning on possibly getting a few other small things Tuesday if things continue their current track. I moved here last year right before Matthew did the near miss so I'm not exactly sure of what the best plan might be.

After Harvey, I'm worried about the cars. We don't have a garage or anything, we just park in a lot outside the building. It's not the flooding that worries me as much as the wind and flying debris. I thought about taking the cars to a parking garage (or at least the one nicer car that we are still paying off) and then getting a cab or uber back to the apartment but I'm not sure if there are any garages that would be open in the Kissimmee area. I know Disney Springs has garages but I don't think they were open to the public during Matthew last year. I could drive all the way to the airport and leave the nicer car at the MCO garage but it seems like such a long distance. I found some articles from last year during Matthew that you could park at certain garages in Downtown Orlando but it was for residents only. Is there anything like this in Kissimmee? Thoughts would be appreciated.


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Hopefully, she will turn and go back out to see. I will be there next week. While I don't mind some rain, I really don't want to have to ride out a hurricane while at Disney.
I will be there for 11 days, starting Wednesday.

In 2005 we were there for Katrina and TS's Lee, Maria, Nate, and Ophelia. Honestly, we had way worse weather and a whole lot more rain the following year. Pics from 2005 look great. 2006, we are wearing ponchos in 90% of them.

You just can't tell.

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