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How safe is Space Mountain?


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So here is the plan. Since so many think that Space Mountain is nothing more the a death waiting to happen the best avenue of correction would be to send thousands of letters to the accounting/legal divisions of TWDC. Since it is also assumed that it is legal and accounting that are calling all the shots just make sure that you mention just how much of Disney's bonus money you are going to sue for if anyone in your family is killed or injured or even psychologically scared by it. Nothing will create a bigger reaction then dipping into their personal reward money.

Writing to those that are comfortably sitting in their air conditioned (yes, I said it) offices or to WDI is going to just be wasting paper or cyber space. Those people either don't care or have no control. Bypass the big wheels, they are not in the least bit concerned about day to day operations... just bottom line. However, those that control the money are concerned about how much is bleeding out of the bank accounts.

An even better protest target would be the board of directors. Flood them with concern and threats and then the big wheels will hear about it from people that matter.

I know it sounds like I'm joking, but, I'm not really. That, according to many, is where the power is located.


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I had the good fortune to finish a ride on Space mountain with the lights on. We were about half way thru when the lights came on. never did find out why. With the lights on it doesn't look too impressive. As we went through the ride I never saw anything that I could reach with my hands without standing up. Just to quantify I'm 6' with a decent wingspan.


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I had the good fortune to finish a ride on Space mountain with the lights on. We were about half way thru when the lights came on. never did find out why. With the lights on it doesn't look too impressive. As we went through the ride I never saw anything that I could reach with my hands without standing up. Just to quantify I'm 6' with a decent wingspan.
You do realize they test these sort of things?



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I once had a bus driver tell me that Space Mountain was used by NASA in secret as part of astronaut training. They would fly astronauts in and do their thing after park closes...

I told him that I’m a space buff and that he was full of it. He was not happy with me telling him he was wrong.
That said, engineers used Kumba at Busch Gardens to test their ring laser gyros...


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Always a fast smooth ride when ive gone on it. Last time was possibly 2016. Didnt notice a change in anything. To borrow a line from Spinal Tap...."we turn it up to eleven. To you know...give it that extra push over the mountain."
"Why not make the highest ten?"
"These go to eleven."330px-Spinal_Tap_-_Up_to_Eleven.jpg


It badly needs a refurb. The last one it had in 2009 wasn't even a complete refurb.

Hoping they do something with it come Tron/the supposed Tomorrowland refresh.
The one in 2009 was supposed to be a complete track replacement (Same layout), new rockets, onboard music, etc. As we know, none of that happened


Not to mention the Sailing Ship Columbia and Big Thunder Mountain incidents at Disneyland a few years back, where guests died as a direct result of Disney's negligent cost-cutting and lack of maintenance.

I think we've moved beyond the era of Disney Parks where attractions are potentially actually dangerous to ride due to lack of maintenance and training, but I hate when people act like there isn't a precedent.

All that said, Space was due for a total track replacement in 2008, so I imagine they can only defer that reality with trim brakes for so long before their hand is forced. I believe that the spray paint markings are even still on the supports to mark the spots to cut when they were supposed to come in and dismantle the track.
They are. If you go in it with the lights on you can still see the spray paint marks.


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I rode Space Mountain when I was 13 and it was safe. This is Disney. Everyone who works there cares about the safety of their guests. Don't want to ruin the magic; Walt wouldn't have wanted to see someone get hurt.


I don't care for space mountain. I'm sure it's mechanically safe but it never felt like it to me. I was 9 when I first rode it and 27 the second time. Kids probably feel safer in those seats. Both my husband and I felt unsecured. I'd love to see a souvenir picture of our faces though .

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The thing I love about Space Mountain is that I always have felt like my head was going to smack against a support beam. I feel the same death-defying certainty of an imminent, painful death thrill at 6' that I did when I was a 4' tall kid.
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People die all the time on rollercoaseters. Best everybody avoid them at all costs!

You have a 50-50 change of moderate to severe injury every time you ride.

This is not only so that I don't have to wait in lines to ride them.

Not at all.

Oh, planes are the same way. Especially first class seats. It has been proven that if you swap your first class seats out with somebody in coach, you will live longer with less crashing on arrival.

Dang, cars too. Freeways especially. Avoid freeways.

Seriously tho, the *odds of you getting killed or dismembered on a coaster are about nill. If that worries you, you need to take a stats class. It will calm you right down.

...and give you a new extreme respect and fear of cars.

*Odds increase exponentially if you opt to do something stupid.


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We all have some thoughts about danger and possible severe injury or death, but, mostly we just have to overcome that and realize that a life not challenged isn't worth living. Or some such bull like that. I remember the day before my 30th birthday, I was on a business trip with my boss flying from Vermont to Maine for a meeting. Our plane was delayed for two, count um, two different mechanical problem. While we were waiting I was making conversation with my boss and I confided in him that I had these constant dreams most of my post adolescent years that I would never live to be 30. As I was speaking I could see the color drain from my bosses face. After awhile, he nervously said to me... Look if you are concerned about it we could cancel this meeting for another time. I just laughed and said... If I seriously thought anything was going to happen you wouldn't be able to drag me on that plane with a team of Clydesdales.

The moral of the story is you will not be able to keep me out of that line, you are not going to get my First Class Seat and I'll be on the Freeway... Deal with it!
I just turned 70 a couple of weeks ago. Damn dreams... you cannot trust them.
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Also to note-- Space Mountain was down at LEAST 5 different times yesterday. DIFFERENT times. We counted every time we checked the app. Whenever it re-opened we would start walking over there only to find out it closed down again.
Each track operates with up to 13 trains. To prevent rear-end collisions, the computer applies the brakes when riders are too slow getting out of their vehicle. It can sometimes take a while before all of the trains are repositioned for a restart.


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The greatest risk on space mountain would probably be if you were sitting in front of me and I didn't have a barf bag. 🤮
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