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How much does the music at Disney add to the experience for you?


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I don't pay a ton of attention to background music mainly because I'm listening to a 10yo jabberjaw from the time I wake. I will say I enjoyed hearing my style of music at Villians night a couple weeks ago though.


The music is so essential! In the parks as you’re walking through, on the rides, AND on the buses! I feel like the bus thing is so hit and miss and that’s such a big part of the experience for me. I love it when the music changes from the resort you’re coming from to the park! It’s wonderful!


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100% Love the music of the parks! I have multiple Spotify playlists that focus on the background music of the parks - and the ride music. I have always been a parks<movies Disney fan (though I love both) and the parks music can transport me back to that part of the park in an instant. A huge impact and important factor of my experience.


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The unique music is half the reason to go, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Tiki Birds, Country Bears... really miss all the old Epcot music, One Little Spark, Fun to be Free, all the Horizon's music... I'm really looking forward to "Epcot Forever". Last summer we stayed at Wilderness Lodge, and at the end of the night riding the bus from they were play the music to "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" and the theme to the "Magnificent Seven" plays on the Walt Disney World Railroad as you head from Main Street Station to Frontierland. Whenever we get off the Magical Express at Old Key West, and hear the steel drums playing, it feels like home... especially if they are playing the steel drum version of "Under the Sea". I even use the old soundtrack scores to the classic animated films, and the park loops in the background of our home videos


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The music plays a huge part in the enjoyment of a Disney park for sure. Each land has it's own sound which helps a guest transition to a new adventure. The sounds are comforting and familiar because they remind you of wonderful times had at WDW.


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Music can make or break an area. When the last Incredibles movie came out, the movie's music was playing in TL- a jazz type of music DH and I found annoying, despite our being fans of smooth jazz. We usually linger in Cosmic Ray's or TL, enjoying the sounds and lights, but didn't because of the Incredibles music. Rode TTA, CoP, and SM, and then moved on.

Certain music, for me, epitomizes Disney- the Tiki Room, HM, Pirates, and CoP. Before BP meds, I would sit and remember the Star Tunnel music....and my BP would be lower when retaken. I have also used a loop of a portion of Pirate's music for sleeping.

Big Phil

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I remember when I went to WDW during Christmas time in 2015 I was actually disappointed that all the park music was changed over the Christmas music. Don’t get me wrong... I love Christmas but I love WDW park music that much more. It’s one of the reasons I don’t want to go during Christmas time again.
We went in late November in 2017. I agree, I love Christmas music too, but we do tend to get over saturated with it during the season. Nothing beats Disney music. I will say though, that prior to the fireworks I can recall a very special moment in front of the castle. First off, the castle had those blue lights lighting it up and it looked beautiful. But as I was cutting across the main hub it was quiet as people were waiting and the rarely heard Christmas song "O Come Little Children" was being played over the speakers. Wow, just chills down my spine. So even when the often over-used Christmas music is being played Disney can still get that right.


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The music is a big deal. DL imho it’s even more immersive. Epcot Center is also great.
We too have to loops we listen to.
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