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How much does the music at Disney add to the experience for you?

Big Phil

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To me this is one of the biggest differences between Disney and Universal. Everyone can name 10 Disney songs from the movies just off the top of their head because they have been around for so long. The music is part of what makes the parks so intimate. Not to mention it being original music too. Whether it is "When You Wish Upon a Star" or "Zip-a-dee-do-da" on Splash Mountain or the songs from Country Bear Jamboree. It adds to the experience for me, makes it that much better. Carousel of Progress is a better attractions thanks to the Sherman Brother's "Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow". I will often have music playing in the background on my computer while I work. The Tiki Birds? You can't help but hum the music. Who doesn't know the Pirates song off by heart by the end of the ride, or Small World? Love it or not, and I love it, you know the words by the end of it.

Lots of excellent music and even in each land there is the music that fits the theme of each land. Frontierland to me has the best musical loop out there.

More reasons why I miss Spectromagic, it epitomized all that made Disney great.


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A lot! The music plays a huge role for me in the Disney and even Universal parks. Some of my favorites in Magic Kingdom alone are the music loops in Tomorrowland, Adventureland, and Frontierland, a lot of the soundtrack of Haunted Mansion, and the star tunnel in Space Mountain.

I literally listen to the music loops when i’m bored. I love them.
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Oh my goodness, for me, a lot!
We have a tradition of always playing Disney music in the car when we're about to enter WDW. It adds to our excitement!

Then, while in the parks, I'm always aware of the music playing everywhere we go. So yes, to me, it definitely adds to the whole experience.

Queen of the WDW Scene

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In the Parks
Makes a huge difference especially because I'm visually impaired so sounds and smells definitely stick with me longer.
Although I am a very visual person for being visually impaired.

Every time I hear the instrumentals for certain songs I bust out in song and dance lol.
For some reason I always hear "Let's Go Fly A Kite" walking to the bus at MK and I must sing it lol.
And in tomorrowland I always hear "One Little Spark" and "The Best Time of Your Life".
I love in line for Soarin' when I happen to hear the score for "Air Force One". It gets played because the person that did the score for Soarin' also did for that movie which is one of my all time favorite movies.
Oh and one song I will miss terribly is "We Go On". Just about cry every time I hear it.

In my opinion I went to Universal in its glory days and to me it was always more about a certain catch line vs music there.
Like "No absolutely not!" and "We are, Moving on!" and "It's show time!"


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Some of the Background music in Future World sparks memories for me, but Illuminations and Fantastic themes are a big memory of great trips for me. Also When will I see you Again by Owl City of course makes me think of Paint the Night at Cali Adventure.
And the theme from Jurassic Park, places me under the gates at Universal, I have no memories of the film really, all my Jurassic Park memories are park related.


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I find any excuse to play it at work in the background while my students are having fun learning. The music even adds to a place that's not as magical as the real thing.
Africa unit = Tree of Life area music. The Little Prince = Pandora area music. Paris = France pavilion music , etc. The kids even ask for it. They especially love the old DME loop. We straightened up the room to The Land pavilion interior loop.
The Future World area music, Frontierland or Tomorrowland loops are constantly playing at home.
When You Wish Upon a Star, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah and The Main Street Electrical Parade music are my ringtones.
Mickey saying, "Oh boy!" is my text tone. That's always fun when I forget to turn off my sound during class. At least I know someone is excited for my lesson!


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almost 75% of my experience. Since I'm not a big "thrill" coaster person, music and environment are really important. I absolutely love the resort music, it can make my entire day.
Nothing better in the world the waking up to the sounds on the boardwalk while having a morning coffee. really my idea of heaven

What's interesting is how universal it is. I too play dpark radio at work and anyone who comes into my lab will instantly know what the music is
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I love Christmas music, but I hate going to the parks in November/ December because so much of the background music is changed to christmas music instead of the regular loops.


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I listen to DParksRadio or music loops from YouTube all day at work. Especially love the Epcot music.
I'll second the D-park radio loops at work. Keeps me focused and gives me enough mental energy to make it though the week. :)

The music in general is what helps the parks atmosphere. I think a large part of what separates Disney from Universal is the background music themeing. In Disney even the separate sections of MK still have a unifying Disney feel with the BGM. I just don't get that at Universal. The music just helps form the parameters of the Disney Bubble we all know and love.
Heck when we drive to WDW, we start listening to Disney music the entire way just to start the bubble effect early. Its so much so for me now that any long driving trip doesn't feel right until I turn on Disney music.
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