How Many Days for You (part 4)


7 days!!!

7 Days!

Other Disney 7's

7 merchandise carts locations can be found though out Epcot
7 guests can ride in each vehicle at Journey into Imagination with Figment.
7 thatch huts are located in Africa
7 hotels are “on property” but are NOT owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company
7 station announcements were made during your 10 minute journey of the TTA
7 people a day get bird droppings on there sandwich at peco's bills:shrug:
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i think we're at 30 on the nose.

started making ADR's and mapping our itinerary. its a fun part of the trip process, but we don't get too that we cant just toss the thing as soon as we wake up any given day. major change this year...not doing a lot on the first day. last year we went to 2 parks and DTD after getting up at 3:30a and flying 2.5 hours. never again. one park, nice lunch, and then play it by ear or just go home for the soak. i want to soak every night this trip. :sohappy: CSR has a great tub.

anywho, we got pretty much every dining choice we wanted. chefs de france on arrival day, citricos, kona for breakfast away from our home, fultons (although i may can this for a steakhouse like yachtsman), bistro paris, and 50s primetime. we have other holes to fill but those are our "luxurious" dining plans. not bad. im holding back a bit this year. i usually go $$$$ at least once a day but its a recession and i dont eat enough hamburgers and hotdogs anyway :p. no, forget it. its funnel cakes everyday.

hope my little pre-TR didnt bug anyone :lookaroun, but i think im starting to get excited.
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