How Many Days for You? Part 12


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Well, my countdown ends in 14 this time. I received cancellations of car reservation and flight. I'll wait until parks re-opening and coronavirus being under control.
Our countdown would be 5 days from today, so I'm so sad as this was a birthday celebration. But we'd rather be safe at home during this crisis, and start planning, hopefully, for an even better trip later on! I just cancelled our Resort (Coronado) and dinner reservations yesterday. I was surprised that I was only on hold for a few minutes when I called Guest Relations-Resort #!


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I just got done cancelling our April 7-14 trip...we will not be rescheduling until the World has healed, people are healthy, the virus is gone and day to day interactions and the workings of the world are back to whatever kinda of normal it will return to. Stay HEALTHY, Happy and Have a Magical Day!!!


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We are at 114, and for the first time I’m really doubting it will happen. Hope everyone stays happy, healthy, and positive through this. If the worst that happens is we wait until next summer then I’ll be happy. Until then, I’ll keep counting with anticipation and hope for health and normalcy.
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