Holidays at Disney Springs 2016


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Oh. :( I knew this wouldn't come close to OSL, but I thought sure it would be better than a standard town display.

I guessed wrong. This is far inferior to what the town next to us does on their common, where at least their display has height, heart and some history from the town. This looks like a poor tree sales lot tossed into the main street USA bypass. Might pass as a waiting line for Santa.

I need a video of the snow falling and it lit up at night. Maybe that (and some spiked eggnog) will change my mind.
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When the generic background trees are bigger than the showpiece trees, that's a sign you've done something wrong...


I'm sure it looks nicer at night, but certainly during the day it's pretty lousy.


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Wow - I'm a big fan of Disney (obviously as I am a member of this fan site) but I have to say - I've seen bigger trees in the desert.

I assume the grand plan here was to get people to visit, get depressed that it was pretty rubbish, and then spend loads of money drowning their sorrows in a nearby bar.... hopefully during Hangar Bars "happy" hour.

Mickey you sly dog.

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Wow! With this and the new drone show or whatever it is -- Disney Springs is going to be so amazing this holiday. I applaud Disney for being proactive and creative in attempting to offset some of the unforeseen difficulties that may lie ahead.

Disney Springs faces some difficult challenges, mostly in part, because it was designed in hopes of capitalizing on the Brazilian tourism boom.

But, Disney waited too long and they missed out big time.

Before Disney Springs was even announced, almost 2 million Brazilians were flocking to Florida each year with cash in hand, spending upwards of $6 Billion dollars a year on tourist related goods -- mostly at the Orlando Premium Outlets and the other Orlando outlets and malls.

Disney was consumed with homogenizing all of their merch under the One Disney concept. Meanwhile, the Brazilians were literally wiping the shelves clean at offsite retailers for years and years. And, Disney was totally clueless about it.

It wasn't until Obama visited Disney World in 2012 to increase the number visas issued for Brazilians and also ease up the process for them to obtain visas that Disney finally caught on.

Shortly after, Disney Springs was announced in 2013 and here we are today -- approaching 2017 -- with a struggling Brazilian market. Disney moved so slow that they didn't even catch the tail end of the Brazilian boom.

So again, Disney is going to have to be proactive in creating incentives and unique experiences that will draw and attract shoppers who would not consider shopping at Disney Springs.

Disney is just going to have to weather this storm until the next wave big money spenders roll in -- whomever and however long that may be.

But, at least this time Disney Springs will be ready for them!
I dont think its going to be Mexicans......


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Ouch. The reviews here are just scathing. This totally reminds me of Charlie Brown's Christmas -- poor Christmas trees. I don't think it's that bad.

When the generic background trees are bigger than the showpiece trees, that's a sign you've done something wrong...


I'm sure it looks nicer at night, but certainly during the day it's pretty lousy.
You literally picked the smallest and the worst looking tree.



These trees look a little better. There are some videos on youtube and it looked so much better up close. And, it appears to be well received. I would like to hear some reviews of people who have seen this in person.

Hopefully, it will look much better at night with all of the trees lit up. Right now, this is akin to seeing the Osborne Lights with the lights off at high noon -- of course, it's going to be disappointing.

I dont think its going to be Mexicans......

Anyway, I will say this -- brick & mortar retail as a whole, like across the nation is facing a precipice, as online retail continues to be steep competition and this has really altered the way people shop today.

So, I think Disney Springs stands to fair much better than your average retailer because they cater to a captive audience of visitors but also have an opportunity to appeal to locals and offsite tourists.

Town Center is performing well and can offset the Marketplace which remains a challenge. I can't wait to shop and dine there on my next visit.


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Went there yesterday and despite my lowered expectations, I was still disappointed. All the trees were 6ft and under, and most were under 3-5 and skinny.

You can barely see them at night since the lighting is so poor and if Disney springs gets busy, it'll be impossible to move in this area.

There's a store in Clearwater that has a better "tree trail".


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this is completely disappointing...they look like amateur trees done for donation... not at all what it should be. Scale is ridiculous, I wish Disney would call me. I could actually turn this into an attraction... Wait til you see the new tree and lighting I designed for Gaylord Palms this year ...


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I'm more concerned that Disney doesn't have access to a dictionary. That is not a "trail." But I guess "Christmas Tree Parking Lot" isn't much of a draw.

I'd also love to point out to someone in charge what "processional" means. It doesn't mean "choir walks out onto stage." And for that matter, "candlelight" means "lit by candles", not "some people are holding candles on a stage lit by giant floodlights."


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Actually it would have been very cute to have used the fact that they are in the parking lot to be like Mickey's Enchanted Tree Lot...Begin like an old fashioned tree lot that gets more and more whimsical as you travel deeper in... Music tracks to accompany the different settings, Overhead light canopies and arches, lots of simple pine trees to transition from area to area. 3 ODV along the way... it could have been utterly charming...and a nice attraction for the shoulder year now that the Fantasy Of Lights is missing from DHS...

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