Holidays at Disney Springs 2016


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I'd love to see this take on a little of the feel of the OSL's dancing lights, with music and area lighting highlighting the theme of each tree and then passing the story and lighting off to the next tree in the line.

Sadly I doubt it will come close to my imagination. It sounds more akin to what the city next door to us does on their town common allowing schools and groups to each decorate a tree as they want.


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Wow! With this and the new drone show or whatever it is -- Disney Springs is going to be so amazing this holiday. I applaud Disney for being proactive and creative in attempting to offset some of the unforeseen difficulties that may lie ahead.

Disney Springs faces some difficult challenges, mostly in part, because it was designed in hopes of capitalizing on the Brazilian tourism boom.

But, Disney waited too long and they missed out big time.

Before Disney Springs was even announced, almost 2 million Brazilians were flocking to Florida each year with cash in hand, spending upwards of $6 Billion dollars a year on tourist related goods -- mostly at the Orlando Premium Outlets and the other Orlando outlets and malls.

Disney was consumed with homogenizing all of their merch under the One Disney concept. Meanwhile, the Brazilians were literally wiping the shelves clean at offsite retailers for years and years. And, Disney was totally clueless about it.

It wasn't until Obama visited Disney World in 2012 to increase the number visas issued for Brazilians and also ease up the process for them to obtain visas that Disney finally caught on.

Shortly after, Disney Springs was announced in 2013 and here we are today -- approaching 2017 -- with a struggling Brazilian market. Disney moved so slow that they didn't even catch the tail end of the Brazilian boom.

So again, Disney is going to have to be proactive in creating incentives and unique experiences that will draw and attract shoppers who would not consider shopping at Disney Springs.

Disney is just going to have to weather this storm until the next wave big money spenders roll in -- whomever and however long that may be.

But, at least this time Disney Springs will be ready for them!
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Count me somewhere as in between that's kinda cool, and holiday services had some extra stuff lying around and they threw this together to fill space.

I'll admit, not much you can do with a bus loop, but the trees do seem somewhat underwhelming when you compare them to the other ones that holiday services has created.


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Only disney could turn trees in planters in a parking lot into an attraction. This is almost comical. Originally I thought this could be kinda cool but it's like they didn't even try.

Yeah wow, looks really weak. It probably looks better at night. But the fact that they made no effort to disguise the road markings on the ground just reminds you -- hey, look, we're looking at a few decorated trees in an old parking lot. The character themed trees they used to put up in Camp Minnie Mickey looked better and had a much better setting.

And I agree with the above poster that this probably would have been better if they had trees located in various places around Disney Springs.


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I'm all for anything "free" that will give me something else to do, but this is just sad. It looks like they spent more time on the backdrops than on the trees. Of course almost ALL Christmas trees look better at night, so I'll reserve final judgement until after some night pics show up. We put up roughly 20 trees every year (yes, we're kind of "Christmas crazy), each one of them themed (only one all Disney), and I know what it takes to decorate a tree. Each of these could have been done in a couple of hours - or less. I also agree that they should have been distributed throughout DS and be like a "scavenger hunt"; it would certainly be a way to get more people to go through all of DS...


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The trees should have been spread out throughout all of Disney Springs to encourage guests to walk around the entire complex to see them all. They could have even sold maps like they do for remy and the eggs at Epcot. Put the character sticker on the map in the location of that characters tree.
But remember the goal of this is to bring people to the Marketplace, which is underperforming based on very high projections.

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