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News Guest Experience Team coming to Epcot later this month


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"Guest experience" is a corporate buzzword that does not mean "help desk" or "customer relations" -- the painted plywood boxes seem legit.


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Does.WDW need additional personnel to point guests towards operating attractions?

Yes and no. The idea of having cm’s available just to answer questions and make suggestions is a great idea. The costumes and unthemed TVs make it look like a middle school class project to me, but in the end I do think this is helpful to guests.

It’s not just about attractions, it’s also about shows, dining, characters, etc.

Victor Kelly

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I see them getting it more in Wallcot right now. Almost 1/2 the park is behind walls with crazy wYs to get to what is open. Granted the countries are open which is a very good thing. I hope Disney can speed things up but we all know how slow they can be.

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