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News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot


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uncle jimmy

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Has there been any pics of the track inside the big box? I'm wondering how they are installing the track inside a box, compared to how they are installing Tron which is outside.

uncle jimmy

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Being inside doesn’t change the means of installation, they’re bolted together.
Sorry, I wasn't asking how the tracks are being connected together... I was asking how they move each track piece into place within an enclosed structure and asking if there were asking pics of the tracks being moved inside the box.


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Photo update as of today, May 26, 2019.
Looks like the new bit of roofing they added to Energy is being sealed up.
Energy’s old exits appear to be getting sealed up, but the middle one has a new, smaller door frame. Likely an emergency exit like @DreamfinderGuy said.
Scaffolding is up on the side of the front of the building. You can see the new door frames through it all, and there is some yellow something that’s been added to the corner of the building, but it’s kind of hard to see in this photo.
Steel framing and other materials are still sitting out front of the pavilion, but there seems to be less.
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