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Guardians of the Galaxy coming to Energy Pavilion at Epcot

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I love that @marni1971 drops some info, explicitly says he can't say more and then we just badger the heck out of him until he gives up more info even though he doesn't feel he should. I actually feel bad for Martin though I'm grateful for the tidbits of info, so I kinda like that people keep asking questions.
I know right!? Sometimes when I have a question, I just sit back and wait for someone else to ask, because I know they will. Also I've noticed if you do not get a response to a specific question, that could indicate that you may be correct, but he just can't confirm it publicly yet.

I've got nothing but mad respect for Martin! He's not only a great WDW historian, great with video documentaries, kind enough to put up with our constant barrage of questioning... But he truly has a passion for this stuff, and shares his wisdom with folks like me who have a similar thirst for knowledge of all things WDW. Thank you Sir.


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I do wonder tho about the Mission: Space Refurb if it could go ala Star Tours with different Missions rather than just Mars..
This should happen. Indeed, I think all of the attractions that use filmed or computer-controlled content should have multiple versions of the shows -- sometimes you could have it random, like Star Tours (Philharmagic, Mission:Space, Bugs), and others could be different based on time of day (Tikis, American Adventure, depressingly underutilized theater in Imagination) or time of year (Country Bears, Hall of Presidents).


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Well, they already have the seas with nemo and frozen. I could be ok with GotG if it was about earths future, but that seems difficult to do well in my mind.

I like surprises and I've tried to avoid revealing anything to myself about the Frozen overlay (I am still extremely irritates they dumped Maelstron), but I did ask my wife if it has anything to do with Norway. She said nope. This bugs me about Epcots future. The one franchise I think they should have for a ride in Epcot is Ratatouille...no whispers for that.


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Potential headlines from The Sun:

"Ellen outed at Disney World."

"Good Bye, Bill Nye."

Meh just her East Side Counterpart...Her West Side Counterpart on the other hand...
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