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GoPro Karma Stabilizer

Heather Cote

New Member
Original Poster

I leave in one week for our little lady's first Disney trip! We purchased a Karma stabilizer stick, similar to a gimbal stick, to capture the experience! Can anyone who has been very recently advise me to whether this is allowed in the parks? It it NOT a selfie stick and does not have extendable features. I am attaching a photo. Has anyone seen these in use or taken one in this spring? I cannot fathom not having it or having to go all the way back to the hotel with it!

Thank you!!


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I've brought a FeiyuTech G4 gimbal stick with me several times to the parks. For the most part you shouldn't have a problem besides showing to them that it doesn't extend. Have fun using it. Gimbals just make shooting handheld video so much easier.

Let me know how you like the Karma. I looked at them and just felt that the grips were to large for my taste. The G4 is just much more compact.

This was shot on a Hero 4 Black with the g4 back in 2015. Haven't really cut anything recently.


Heather Cote

New Member
Original Poster
This is cool!! Thank you! We are giving the Karma a go and will see how it does! I'm glad you haven't seen issues with bringing them in this year, that helps!

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