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I know no such thing! I do know that Robin Hood sets up Sir Hiss as a hypnotize then proceeds to do nothing with it, drops Maid Marian by the third act, and recycles so much animation that it officially qualifies as an Earth Day initiative.

I'm just gonna leave these here......


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But is the recycled animation really THAT bad? Robin Hood had the lowest budget of any of the 55 movies in the animated canon. Dropping Maid Marian was very weird, but what could they have possibly done with Sir Hiss's ability?

Instead of doing the trap again, they could have hypnotized Friar Tuck into leading them to Robin Hood, or getting him to lead him into a trap, as Robin and Little John would be far less likely to see that as a trap. Or literally ANYTHING. Have Sir Hiss speak to the people of Sherwood en masse, brainwashing them into turning against Robin. Instead it's a throwaway gag to explain why King Richard ain't around.


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Cheeseburger Freedom Man for the Hall of Presidents (Language in video embed)



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But this is just Disney using social media to promote Disney products, like every company with social media. I'm not sure if I get why this is bad or funny.
What made me laugh was the quote, tagged with "Elsa from Frozen". Just kind of funny to me considering how popular that movie was, as if people didn't know from the picture who said it.

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