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News Frontierland Shootin' Arcade at Magic Kingdom switches to free play


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why spend a single dollar in refurb money if plan was to close it, what sounds like "permanently" so soon? Very curious.


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I’m surprised a gun based experience lasted this long. IF it’s going away, a covered seating area would be nice. The parks are constantly pushing snacks and treats and then give you nowhere to eat.
They also need more seating near dole whip.
Ive never done the shooting gallery in DL and dont know if that version is free, but Id def take more covered seating space anywhere. Im pretty excited for Pelicans Landing and its just seating space. Im getting old


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This may just be a calendar issue, although the switch to free play is unusual, and now this. Something could very well be happening.
Last I heard, it was being considered for the chopping block by the new "diversity council" (I forget their actual name). Whether or not something will come of that consideration, or any potential removal recommendation by them, is something else.
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Can we turn it into 'Western Lazers' and keep it or is Buzz Lightyear next?

Not to mention all the blasting just installed on Millenium Falcon...


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I don’t think I’ve done anything but walk by it since the 90’s.

Whatever happens, happens.
My boys have played a handful of times, but our local sporting goods mega store has one that is just as good, or better. Then you have Buzz in Tomorrowland if you really want to shoot some stuff at MK.

I’d miss this little diversion, but not as much as a razing of Tom Sawyer Island. As others have said, a covered place to eat the Dole Whip and churros isn’t a horrible idea.

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