From the OS: Gator drags child into Seven Seas Lagoon

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:( very sad week here. thoughts, prayers, and crossing our fingers the child is found as soon as possible. do we know where exactly the incident occurred? I've never been to this hotel but on the map it looks like theres a beachy area where gators could lie on the surface extremely close to guests. I'm wondering how Disney will to try to prevent something like this from happening again, whether it be someone on gator patrol at all times, blocking off this area, or even removing beachy/sandy areas from all hotels. Bottomline: this cannot happen again


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These may be a reason why you can't win a lawsuit these are all over property and of course there's the famous no swimming treading in water at the seven seas lagoon. I'm an expert on Florida Wildlife law and to be honest it's one hard lawsuit to win. The owners of the propert are not liable to the safety of their guest occupants. You CAN'T CONTROL WILDLIFE! It's Florida there are millions of gators all across Florida


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I'm here right now. (Boardwalk). Orlando local news all over it. Rumors from people on site all saying it happened at the beach movie.

HM Spectre

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Reading this hit me like a shot to the gut... I can't even imagine what the parents are going through. Heartbreaking.

I pray this is a hoax but it doesn't appear to be...

Tom Morrow

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If there weren't any other witnesses, it could still be a missing child but a made up story.
Well they'd have to be pretty terrible people. "Oh, well our child is missing. I guess we should cash in on it."

I mean it's not outside the realm of possibility, but...


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That question is the only reason I would entertain that this could be fabricated.

Unfortunately that is the first thing I thought. While you can't manage waterways 100%, I would be surprised a gator large enough to take a child would go unnoticed. And if noticed I am surprised that they were letting kids play on the Poly beach a week ago.

A horrible situation all around. Hopefully by the morning this will have a happy ending vs the way it looks now for this family.
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