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Seeing the child's first visit smile on their face may be thought of as free too...
Though I believe it is priceless!
I think you are correct on the latter. It was/is priceless. It was even more priceless when I revealed we were going to WDW outside the WDW gates. Their looks were just priceless and something we will never ever forget.

The Mighty Tim

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The Disney animation class is no more, unfortunately. A lot of shops/random CMs are always giving stickers out to children. We've gotten free bookmarks at Enchanted Tales with Belle before. There's the Kidcot Fun Stops at the World Showcase in EPCOT that kids can decorate and collect stamps from each country.
It's not only kids that get stickers. I got a random Simba sticker at Animal Kingdom a couple of years ago.

I know I look young for my age but still... :p


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Here are some things that are free that I am not sure were mentioned. If so, you have duplicates...

  1. Bus drivers have "trading cards" of the buses.
  2. AKL has "bead" activities. They are free and get to learn quite a bit about the resort and animals
  3. Pool games usually give out prizes at the resorts
  4. Pin trading can be inexpensive and a lot of fun
  5. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is free
  6. AK has the Explorer Scout activities
  7. Pressed penny machines are inexpensive comparatively.


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I very much recommend buying the epcot passports. I'm not sure how much they cost now but 15+ years ago I did it and loved it. I was like 16 at the time and it was awesome. I'm taking my daughters in may and will be doing this with them.


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The resorts use to have (still might, in food court) and I saw on allears.net that some of the MK restaurants are selling Mickey Straws. They were around .50 about 6 years ago. I would buy a bunch to give my daycare kids. Work well for party favours also.
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