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Fox IP's and WDW

"El Scorpion"

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In the Parks
What IP's do you feel are the strongest candidates for inclusion into Disney's theme park universe (or, which are the ones you'd just like to see)

I'd like to see:

Bob's Burgers (a QS - DS)
Some type of Kingsman presence in EPCOT
Planet of the Apes area (AK)
An Archer ride (DHS)
Ice Age show/attraction (MK - but I don't know what land it would fit into; or possibly DHS)


Bar the occassional exception such as Avatar and maybe some of their Marvel stuff and the like, I don't think we're gonna see much in the way of Fox representation in the parks. Fox and most of their IPs just don't really gel well with Disney and it's clear that they're treating 20th Century Fox as largely a seperate thing from the rest of the Disney brand. Seeing as there doesn't seem to be much synergy between them and the rest of the Disney company.

Not everything owned by Disney is guaranteed to be represented in the parks. After all, Miramax (back when they owned them) and Touchstone barely got anything, same with ABC.
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Die Hard dark ride......

Look out Hans just fell from Nakatomi tower.
....oh the German guy you though was dead just popped out.


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EPCOT Center already had a rip off of Fantastic Voyage


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