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For those of us who would really want to live in Disneyworld, the next best thing!


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My dad had a saying, "if someone wasn't buying, they wouldn't be building"! not sure how much that is true but if money were no object...


Welcome to legendary Four Seasons living—at Walt Disney World Resort. The portfolio of Four Seasons Private Residences is expanding—in a very magical way—within the private residential community of Golden Oak. Inside this enchanted enclave, an effortless lifestyle is enjoyed at the place known for creating lasting memories—Walt Disney World Resort. A place you can laugh. A place you can dream. And now, a place you can live.

starting price 5 Mil.

Golden Oaks is a lovely place, for most of us a Lotto win away!
There are lots of lovely new homes at more affordable prices and we have a good series of blog articles to guide people through their first buying process.
The articles are broken into sections for easy reading and we take a very honest view, showing the highs and lows of property ownership.
Click here Orlando Home Buying Guide


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I was literally just on this site, homes are absolutely gorgeous. Have my megabucks lottery ticket in my pocket and yeah it's the first thing I would do!

Walt d

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So do you think you could, buy land at the oak. And drop a double wide there, hgtv shabby chic? Chicken coop in the back , old ford in the front on blocks. As a decorative fountain” were is that ticket?
The idea is nice, but the way they're shoehorning in homes into that very small neighborhood is odd.

And just wait... There's a condo tower being planned next to the 4S neighborhood, effectively casting a huge shadow on all of those $10+ million homes.
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