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For the drivers...best GPS app?

slappy magoo

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Hey there hi there ho there...
For those among us who normally drive versus fly to WDW (or bus or train or teleport or ride a rocket powered dinosaur or any other mode of transportation)...

and who use a GPS app to get there versus a GPS device mounted in the car or just finding your way there...

what's your app of choice? Is it just the stock maps device on the phone? Mapquest? Waze? Others?

What seems to be most up-to-date in terms of calculating traffic, and providing alternate routes?

Thanks in advance for the input (assuming input comes at all...meh...I'm an optimist)

I would suggest Waze (Click here for iOS. Click here for Android). It is updated as by Disney Transportation Cast Members due to so much construction.

However Google Maps (Click here for iOS, Google Maps is usually already installed on Android devices, if not click here.) is also a good one to use because it uses the same map information as Waze. (They are both owned by Google.)

Master Yoda

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I just use Google Maps and have never had an issue.

The real time traffic monitoring and rerouting around it has helped us a number of times. Most notably when we were coming back from North Carolina after the eclipse and I-95 was at a near dead stop for the entire length of the state.


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While I use Google Maps to *plan* a trip, I use Waze on the drive itself (owned by Google, so Google Maps get its traffic and incident reports). Its maps generally are the most up-to-date, even above Google's own maps.

Here in Mass, a new interstate interchange had been under construction for a long while. When it finally opened, the Waze map had the new ramp configuration the very next day. (If you followed the old turn instructions, you'd end up on a local road and not the ramp to the other highway)

The only downside to Waze is that it currently has a 1000 mile limit to how long of a drive it can plan out. So here in Mass I can't just put in WDW and have it give me directions all the way there.



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I primarily use Google Maps. I used to use Waze a lot but started to have problems with it accurately finding the right locations and taking me on some pretty off the beaten trial roads. I may give it a go again as it's been over a year since I last used it.

A recent study that was done between Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze found that Waze gave you the fastest route the majority of the time. Google Maps came in a close second. Apple Maps came in third for route time and they found that it inflates your arrival time a bit. The logic here is that you arrive before the estimation and you end up thinking you did better than the computer.


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We'll be driving down from PA and using Google maps. I've tried to run the route and alternate routes with Waze, but it doesn't seem to be designed to handle longer trips. It takes very long to load the routes. Doesn't do a very good job of providing alternate routes either. Navigating the map over longer routes is very difficult and flaky at best.


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We use google maps app. However a word of advice. Make sure avoid tolls is off.. Otherwise you will get shoved off the Daniel webster parkway, and go though some " very interesting" part of Florida before getting on property. This happened to us when we drove down, and we caught it before we came back.


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Sorry, this post is a little old..
...but we use Waze. I have built in dash GPS, but Waze is far better.

We were heading down one trip - on 95, somewhere in NC - when Waze kept telling us to exit "next exit". We were a little baffled, but followed "her" as she re routed us back to 95 quite a few miles south. When i stopped, I opened Waze, zoomed in on where traffic was red, and you could read individual reports of people stuck where we just came through. It was a bad accident, with a many mile back up at both lanes of 95 were closed.

Ever since that...Waze is it.


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Waze was great on my last trip. We were due to hit Atlanta at like 5pm and it got us through relatively painlessly. I really appreciate that it tells me where the police have been spotted. Not that I would ever speed or anything like that.
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