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For Park CMs (Non-Disney, too): Worst Thing a Guest Said to You


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Working the exit of Peter Pan:

I check the mirror to see who’s next in the “disabled” line. I call them up, and I see a different family appear, a couple. They see the confused look on my face and they ask what’s wrong, and I tell them I had seen a different family that should’ve been next. The woman from the family looks around the corner and says they were next, but the couple cut them in line. I ask the couple to take their place back in the line. The family and he couple start yelling at each other. I point out to the couple the mirror I use to see which family is next in line, using it as proof they cut in line. I ask for both families to stop yelling at each other and once again ask the couple to take their place back in line.

The man: “F*** you, b***h!

Me: *staring at him and smiling* “Have a magical day, sir!”


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Working the exit once again at Peter Pan. Another exit family is mad that they can’t get on the ride as fast as they want. I let them on when the time is right, after being scolded, and their boat returns from the ride and they get off.

Mom: “What’s your name, I’m calling my lawyer on you.”

Me: “My name is Jasmine Raven [insert last name]. Would you like my address as well?”
Working the exit once again at Peter Pan. Another exit family is mad that they can’t get on the ride as fast as they want. I let them on when the time is right, after being scolded, and their boat returns from the ride and they get off.

Mom: “What’s your name, I’m calling my lawyer on you.”

Me: “My name is Jasmine Raven [insert last name]. Would you like my address as well?”
Did you ever get that call from my lawyer... ;):p


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Working at Universal Studios...

I’m waving goodbye to guests, and I feel someone yank my hair so hard that I nearly fall to the ground. I turn around, and I see a young Chinese woman smiling, pointing to my hair, admiring it. As a Black woman, I understand many foreigners have never seen Black people in general, let alone Black hair, but I had never had someone literally pull my hair with such force like that before. Another time, a foreigner grabbed me by the waist and took a picture with me. It all happened in a matter of seconds and I was very confused.

Had another family from Spain I was talking to. One of the girls, also admiring my hair, took her fingers and started playing in my hair, twirling it and wrapping it around her fingers. I looked at my co-worker as she was doing this, and she looked completely shocked.


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@raven24 you sure have a good time with guests huh ;) You and my girl would get along great. She works at a hospital and some of her stories are as bizarre as yours lol.
Indeed lol. For the most part, I had a positive experience with guests at both Disneyland and Universal. However the crazy experiences always stick out the most. Haha.

I used to work at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. I know all about hospital settings. I’m sure we’d have similar stories.😂


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Not any specific incident but some people get extremely upset when they pull up to a packed bus leaving the cue. And can't understand why you won't do a partial unload to get them and their ECV on. Me- I'm sorry the bus is full I will call for another one for you. Them- why what's the problem we've gotten on before?
Disclaimer: I know this isn't park's related, but it is guest services related and its honestly just too good not to share.

I used to be assistant manager at a Walgreens and one of my first nights on the job this woman comes in at 9:55 (we closed at 10). I told her we were closing soon and she said "That's OK, I just need a few things."
...10:12 rolls around and she comes up to the counter with a shopping cart FULL of stuff. I had already sent my co-worker home, so it was just me and her. I proceed to check her out hoping to make it a quick transaction since I had to be out by 10:30 before the alarms were set.

10:15 comes and I finish scanning the last item. I read her her total and then she goes "oh wait, I have coupons"...I felt my eyes touch the back of my head as I stood there waiting for her to unwad a bunch of papers. Coupon scanning begins and takes almost another full minute. Finally she hands me two, $3 Off coupons and I try to scan them, but the system won't accept them. I tried again, entering them manually, but no dice. Finally, I remembered that the system has a limit of coupons per transaction (one per item, per transaction). So I inform her that I won't be able to accept them. She just stares at me.

"I don't get it" she says. I tell her she's reached her limit and that if she wants to use them she would need to purchase two additional items. "But I don't want two more items" she says. "Well then I can't accept these" I said.
She stands there longer, by now its 10:20...she puts the coupons back on the counter and with the straightest of faces says, "OK then...Just give me six dollars."

I calmly told her that's now how coupons worked and she proceeded to tell me that our system was "screwy" and that she wanted to speak to the manager. I told her he was at home, probably asleep, but he'd be back in the morning. SO SHE TAKES HER COUPONS AND PURSE AND STARTS WALKING OUT OF THE STORE. "I'll come back for this in the morning then."

Life was never the same.
I think it should be a requirement that everyone work at retail or with the public in some capacity before they can get another job. It's a little different when YOU are the one trying to deal with idiots.
However the problem with that is then everyone knows the tricks of the trade to blowing off the customer. So then cashiers can't say things like, we can't do that sir. Um, yes you can because I've had your job so I know you can do that and you're just trying get rid of me.

Basically you're gonna have idiots either way.


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My second day on the job in the Animation Courtyard at DHS:
Foreign guest with very broken English buys 8 (8!) dolls and aggressively demands I take them all out of the packaging right there, which took forever with all the wire ties and plastic strap things. He yelled at me the whole time while his daughter knocked over displays. He then said my service was horrible (I was a delight) and asked my name. He wrote down "Kevin" on his phone.

At Coney Island in Cincinnati, I had an old lady (100% unprovoked) tell my manager/friend that I was as stale as white bread. She said his name, Patrick, was a good Irish Catholic name. I'm Irish and Catholic! Also, it's not like all white bread is stale.


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The wife and I were having dinner at Steakhouse 55. Things were going great until they seated a couple next to us. The woman was looking over the menu and started getting upset over the choices. She grabbed a passing waiter and started berating him because the menu she read online wasn't the same. She really wanted scalloped potatoes and let everyone around her know. The waiter got the manager who even got a chef who all explained that scalloped potatoes take a very long time and are not on the menu. I felt really bad for the staff because she was relentless. Finally she turns to my wife and I and tried to pull us into the argument. I have a one liner I always drop at times like this. "We come hear to get away from people like you." Check paid and out the door we go. I apologized to the front desk staff and asked them to pass it on to the waiter, manager and chef.
Back in 2002 when I worked at the popcorn wagon in front of the Haunted Mansion, somebody asked me where the Haunted Mansion was. I told them to get on the train and get off at the 4th stop. I'm pretty sure that they were not happy after getting off at the 4th stop.
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