First Trip As DVC Owners Coming Up!!!


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Hello everyone. DW and I have planned our first trip as new DVC owners for October 2011. We purchased at BLT and originally had a 1BR reserved at BLT. Yesterday, we changed to a 2BR at SSR due to having some more people coming down. Although we are disappointed that we are not staying at BLT, DW is looking forward to SSR.

Does anyone have any SSR tips or secrets we should know about. We will be driving from Delaware, so transportation or location of the bus stops are not important to us.

On a side note, the gentleman that I spoke with from Member Services yesterday was very accomadting in finding the type of room I needed. He answered every question I had, and with being new to DVC, we are still trying to figure everything out.

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I can't tell you much about Saratoga since I haven't stayed there first hand. Some general knowledge though is that the resort is very big so you might want to make a last minute request before going and ask for a somewhat central spot. I really just wanted to say enjoy your trip and welcome home. And also not to fret about BLT...there are still 49 years on your contract so I think you should be able to stay there at some point :ROFLOL:


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As a DVC owner at SSR all I can say is bring your golf bag as the course is right outside certain buildings. If you haven't already confirmed your room I would recommend Grandstand especially building 9100.
We stayed at that building last June and will stay there from now on it was a short walk to the bus stop which is the first pick up and drop off from the parks. And a short walk to the main building, boat launch for DTD and the golf course is right around the corner.
We love SSR jus because of the relaxing feel the resort has and too if you want to drive over to it Reedy Creek station 4 is right across the street..
Have a great stay...


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My family has stayed at SSR many times. We have really enjoyed it every time we have stayed there. A few suggestions: if you can, request staying near the carriage house. This is where you check in and where the main pool and restaurants are located. If you are staying close then you can just walk there if you need anything. The Artist Palate is a great place to get a light meal or snack. They have delicious flat breads and salads as well as a nice breakfast selection. It does get very crowded for breakfast so if you don't want to wait for awhile try to get there either very early or late. If you are so inclined to do so they have a great gym and spa. We always say that we will work out while we stay there but somehow never get to it. Anyways have a great time.

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I stayed at the Congress Park section overlooking Downtown Disney. I like SSR even though it is a big resort. Now, I try to stay at the Treehouse Villas, which are, in my opinion, wonderful and top notch! I own in SSR as well as BLT.

This trip, I am staying at both places. The weekend at BLT then the rest of the week at the treehouse villas.

If bus transportation is not an issue, then figure out what is most important. Is being close to the pool important? If not, then I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay at SSR.


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My family is not a big fan of SSR, but my dad is a fanboy of Boardwalk, which is a completely different setup. I am a big fan of Old Key West probably because it was the first DVC we stayed at. The rooms are bigger, they have refurbed most of the buildings, and it is just a layed back area.. Love it..

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