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Favorite Restaurant at Disney's Hollywood Studios


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I wasn't to keen on the Brown Derby. We had lunch. I had the chicken sandwich. It was dry and not too tasty. I felt the restaurants open concept was really loud and hard to have a conversation. And even though we had reservations it still took a half hour to be seated.


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Brown Derby is our fave for food, but I'm torn between 50s and Sci Fi for environment. I think 50s has more food options, but I like the burgers at Sci Fi better than the things I've had at 50s...I just haven't liked anything else on Sci Fi's menu. So, it's a toss up for me with food with those two.


Sci-Fi is a delight, but not necessarily because the food is particularly great. Same with Prime Time.

Drinking bizarre alcoholic beverages for a "breakfast" reservation at Oga's Cantina will now be one of my final (and favorite) Disney memories for a while. So glad I squeezed in that February trip.

Baseline is a lifesaver if you just need a snack, and I always love a good beer flight. But the fact remains that Studios badly needs a few more dining options. Derby is decent but overpriced, Mama Melrose is subpar, and most of the counter service places feel very generic. When dinnertime gets near, it's too tempting to parkhop to World Showcase.
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