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Favorite Epcot Area Loop

Favorite Epcot Area Music Loop

  • Epcot Entrance (2001-Present)

    Votes: 33 33.7%
  • Innoventions Plaza (1994-present)

    Votes: 28 28.6%
  • Universe of Energy (1996-present)

    Votes: 1 1.0%
  • Wonders of Life (1989-present)

    Votes: 4 4.1%
  • Mission Space (2003-present)

    Votes: 6 6.1%
  • Imagination (1999-present)

    Votes: 4 4.1%
  • The Land (1982-present)

    Votes: 5 5.1%
  • The Living Seas (1986-present)

    Votes: 2 2.0%
  • Fountain of Nations

    Votes: 15 15.3%

  • Total voters


Naturally Grumpy
I agree, park music loops are at worst nice...but at best...well almost worth the price of admission... (OK, so I'm over the top...but I go to the Impressions of France movie and close my eyes to listen...then go back and watch the movie.)


New Member
That's a really tough call... in the end I went with UoE. But Imagination, Innoventions, and the Fountain were all very close...


New Member
Wow. Bet you can't pick just one, eh?

I'm going to have to pick the Innoventions loop, with The Land coming in at a close second (it still has the old Epcot vibe)

Hearing the Innoventions loop really brings me there. I imagine myself watching a fountain show, or staring in awe at the fiber optic walkway, or anticipating my visit to Ice Station Cool, or enjoying the dynamic feel of the whole area.


Premium Member
The Innoventions loop is great, but I'm going to have to go with Imagination here --- the Institute theme is fantastic.


Active Member
Argh, another hard decision, but I chose Innoventions with the entrance loop a really close second. I would give The Land third place. In general, I really like the background music themes, and Epcot has some of the best.

Pixie Duster

New Member
I like the entrance loop since it has a sampling of a few of the attractions within the park (i.e. American Adventure and Imagination). Plus it is part of what is going to make Epcot more magical on 4/03/05... remember it's no big deal, but it's cool for me.


Well-Known Member
Well I chose Innoventions loop because it feels the most like "Epcot". But EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE are absolutely fantastic loops and I listen to them all all the time.


New Member

i would have to vote for the innoventions one myself. but i really want to find that RoE preshow music. listening to that is my favorite part of the day there.


New Member
I like the original entrance loop, but this one is great too. I still love the land and I really like the fountain music. So many choices, so little time


Premium Member
Gotta go with innoventions.

I might be wrong about this, but I remember a music loop in the Horizons area which I liked a lot. Im sure the General will be able to confirm this or lock me up for insubordination. :lol:


New Member
They are all good loops, but there is just something about the Mission: Space one. It justs makes me feel special like I am on my way to starting a mission for NASA.


It's a very close tie between Innoventions, Entrance Plaza, UoE, M:S and Imagination...but at the end, Imagination comes out on top. I love the whole feel of the Imagination Institute. Everything from outside the pavillion to the inside of HISTA (right before the preshow) is great.

Innoventions, Entrance and UoE are a close second for me.
M:S is third.
The Land is fourth simply because it's just a lot of jazz music.
Test Track is 5th simply because that music gets annoying fast.
Living Seas is last because I can't remember any music from it.

Anyway, what happened to World Showcase music or PreIlluminations music?



Well-Known Member
Well, I know it as the Epcot entrance loop, but this one on the poll says it's from 2001 to the present, so it can't be the one I'm thinking about. This one is a classic, it's the tune I always think of when someone mentions EPCOT. I mean, yeah, there's "Listen to the Land" and "One Little Spark", but this one...

ARGH! Someone throw me a bone, here! :drevil:


For me it was a decision between Mission: Space and Ellen Degeneres' Universe Of Energy. But i chose Mission: Space, because as someone else said, it makes you really feel like you are in Astronaught training.


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