Favorite Bathrooms? Least Favorite Bathrooms?


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Of my love for JII (the one that had Dreamfinder), I have never used those bathrooms. I will definitely make a note next time to go in there...even if I don't have to go.


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My favorite bathroom is the one in the wonders of life pavilion. Antique faucets that you have to manually turn on, awesome! My favorite bathroom for the memories is in Harambe in AK. It was there where I first experienced the Xlerator hand dryer, life would never be the same.


The bathroom adjacent to Cap May Cafe in the Beach Club is always blasting with air conditioning (at least 10-15 degrees colder than in the hallways) -- so if you ever get overheating at the pool just head in there haha

Also like the Grand Floridian Bathrooms next to 1900 Park Fare.


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This doesn't really count because it's not a public restroom, but .......

At Christmas we had a 1 bed villa at BLT that had a hidden Mickey in the lights in the shower!

If you turned out the lights in the main bathroom, it showed up brilliantly on the floor of the shower. And it's not a feature of all 1 beds either. After a few nights at Kidani we went back to BLT, and no hidden Mickey :( Never had one before either.


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Favorite: Target
Least favorite: Random gas station in the middle of nowhere

Oh this was about the theme parks, carry on...
The Target in my area makes the worst bathrooms in MK look good. It always seems to be out of toilet paper, dirty floors, no soap, or towels...:rolleyes:

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The Tangled bathrooms are my favourite, without question. I love the music, the theming is delightful, and I'm able to fully express my opinion of Renaissance faires. It's a win all around.


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Definitely clean bathrooms and dirty bathrooms, respectively. One time I went to the Tangled bathrooms and they had just been cleaned and were my favorite. Another time I went to the Tangled bathrooms and there was pee on the floor and no soap and it was my least favorite.

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Of my love for JII (the one that had Dreamfinder), I have never used those bathrooms. I will definitely make a note next time to go in there...even if I don't have to go.
Absolute 'must do'...no pun intended.

The restrooms located on the side of the Imagination Pavilion still play the original music loop from 1982.
It's awesome just walking in there and hearing it..but also incredibly depressing at the same time.
I SO miss the Original Pavilion and Attraction!!

You will hear some great nostalgic Park music in there and likely recognize the tunes if you are a fan of the Original 'Journey'!
'Magic Journeys' plays in there as well, I'm pretty sure.


My fave restroom.
Also like the ones over in Morocco and the ol' Odyssey.



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Love Love Love the Tangled Bathroom, the theming, the music, the stall capacity, but last visit it was totally out of paper towels! o_O Albeit the other thing I like is there is a mirror along back wall one can get up close to like when I need to do something with my contacts and not have a heap of people bumping into me....or putting sunscreen on my face and not walk out splotchy....;). I also usually prefer the one between Frontierland/Adventureland.....except when Stitch was left there on their sound track.:D Otherwise the rest all kinda blur together for me. Oh yes and must mention any bathroom in the Wilderness Lodge rates very highly with me.


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Love the bathrooms in Norway and the ones next to Gastons in Fantasyland. They are usually clean and no lines.

Bathrooms I try to avoid include Japan near the quick service. There are only two stalls and normally a line. I also don't like the bathrooms in Africa across from Tusker House. I think because they are the most visible bathrooms in Africa they tend to always draw a crowd.


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Sometimes it's not the bathroom itself, but the associations you have with it.

Intestinal disappointments

1. The world's fanciest loo - the Tangled Toilets. Theming doesn't save it from being overcrowded and dirty at all times.

2. MK Fantasyland circus toilets - wet, filthy, smelly, crowded. Bleck. Newness doesn't save it from grossness.

3. Disney Springs Marketplace toilets by Once Upon a Toy - again wet, filthy, smelly, crowded. Double - barf.
LOL its a bathroom :)


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Just had a thought, what bathroom (area/themed/etc.) is your favorite at WDW?

Mine are Rainforest Cafes because it is in my favorite restaurant at DAK and Raglan Road because of the ongoing Irish music/jokes (which I can never understand for some reason) that are constantly played while in the bathroom.

Weird question I know, but you know you miss WDW when you are missing the bathrooms.
actually someone already asked this a few years ago.
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