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Fat guys and attractions


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I'm 6'4" and 280. The only ride I've had a problem with is it's a Small World. I think that's because I was in the front seat of the boat and my knees were jammed against my chest. Space Mountain is a tight fit. I've not done Astro Orbiter.


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I was probably close to that weight on my first trip and I didn't find any rides to be an issue, although I didn't ride Astro Orbiter. There may have been one or two rides that weren't as comfortable as the others but nothing that I felt embarrassed about.


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Only one I could think of is Space Mountain. I'm pretty trim and even I feel like I'm to big for those carts sometimes. But it's probably just my imagination. You'd be fine on all the rides as far as I know.


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It's not just tough on the fat fellas at Universal.

After the last Europa show in Orlando a bunch of guys went to the parks.

Not riding much when you're this wide...



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I'm a girl, but I hope my post helps! :) I would caution you about Sum of all Thrills at Innoventions in Epcot. It's a virtual coaster that you build and then do a simulation ride. The seats are tight! I rode it two years ago and could barely get the seat down. It was pretty embarrassing (and one of the things that inspired me to lose close to 100 pounds!).

Big Phil

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I am 6'2" and 275lbs. I wouldn't look out of place on the front lines of an NFL team. I am a big man. Long legs. Thick waist, broad shoulders and a good size stomach. Plus I am tall. I can confirm that the only ride I have had a minor issue with is Space Mountain. But it really wasn't about my weight as much. I often wonder if a person who is 6'7" could fit in there, because my knees were hitting the front seat. I still fit alright and the lap bar cranked a couple of notches. Rock N Roller Coaster is another one where you might need a second to get in there alright. It is deceptive. The seats are just really deep but you will be fine, I had no issue at all with shoulder restraints. Other than that there is no issue. I was fine on Small World and Splash Mountain is surprisingly roomy. Every other ride has a "lap bar" if you want to call it that that could wrap around a car.

Astro Orbiter was a little tight but I rode it with my wife. She is 5'5" and below average. Both of us fit in there, it was a little tight but it was fine.

I never had a problem at Universal before to be honest. Then again I haven't rode Potter yet. But no problems with every other ride. I've had an issue or two at Cedar Point with the Millennium ride (couldn't fit) and the Wicked Twister. Also couldn't go on a coaster at King's Island. But Disney is the best park in the world for a reason.

The Duck

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I'm the large economy size myself. The rides don't give me problems but I can't stand being sodomized by the miniature turnstile at CBJ. Just when I think that I've passed through it, the bar sneaks up on me and WHAM!!!


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I do not ride Pooh due to it being uncomfortable for me. Plus it's not Toad. Boat rides like Pirates, IASW, Tiempo, Maelstrom have very little leg room as well. Getting stuck on IASW is a big pain because I get cramped up. Theater seats are the main problem, especially at American Idol, Muppets, and One Man's Dream. Star Tours and Body Wars too. They are tight for the average person let alone someone overweight. There are a few older turnstiles which are about a foot wide and are impossible to pass through. Main Street and Frontierland train stations, Carousel of Progress, and Country Bear are just a few I can think of. Seat belt on Kali doesn't fit, have to connect the adjacent seat belt from an empty seat. Don't be afraid to ask for some assistance. It is less embarrassing than getting stuck, believe me. American Idol has seats up front which the one armrest opens out. Just that extra few inches was great plus we had a great view for the show.


DH is just around 400 now, but at his heaviest was likely close to 450, he's worked really hard to bring it down but even at his heaviest, he never had problems riding anything at WDW and only one ride at DL. He rides most everything, including all of the thrill rides. Funny thing, really. The thing we seem to have the most trouble with is some of the turnstiles. Especially with that rubber coating that sticks to your clothes :p

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