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So the NHL season is upon us and it's time for another great Fantasy season.

I went and set up a Yahoo league. Nobody set one up last year.

League Name WDWMAGIC_Shootout
the ID# is 48351 and the Password is wdwmagic

I have the draft set for tomorrow night but can change it to accommodate anyone. The season starts soon so we need to draft ASAP.

Good Luck


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I know almost nothing about hockey, other than it was cold at the Winter Classic last season, but a lot of fun being there.


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I really enjoy hockey but I'm not familiar with the fantasy league. It's the same thing with football...understand the game, just not how to play fantasy. :p


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I have never done Fantasy hockey even though it is my favorite sport. I can't wait for the season to start and to see how fast my Avalanche disappear from Cup contention with the roster they have left over.

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