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Everglazed Donuts and Coldbrew coming to Disney Springs


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Wow the font on that logo is EXTREMELY copyright-infringey.

...then again, this appears to be a brand new Twitter account and a company nobody has ever heard of. Is this just Dunkin' Brands?

Tell me that's not an identical font and color palette.


I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully their donuts are better than Dunkin's though. They haven't been good since the late 80's.


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They look good I hate to think what they charge if Disney prices apply I think I'll stick with Dunkin

Just paid $8 something last weekend for 3 donuts at a local place. Old fashioned, cinnamon sugar, and blueberry. Not even anything fancy. But sooooooo totally worth it. So I doubt that these prices would be much worse, they look to be much smaller.


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We have had a rash of new donut shops open in my city for some reason. One of them makes donuts that look like that and they charge $2-$3 each. These stand alone shops need to charge more since they really have no other source of income like a grocery store does. Drinks make more money then donuts do.


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Same building style as every single Dunkin Donuts ever. Just the color is different.
If you are talking about the rectangle shape, they have to fit the building into the space that they have. I imagine why most donut shops are that shape is because that is the most efficient way of producing the product. I have worked in donut shops and you work it in an assembly line fashion. Function is more important then style in this case.

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