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ESPN Wide World of Sports Expansion


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Stop building dvc and sports complexes. We do not need anything else that will add more people here.

Quite a few uses of the arena are actually events that already happen in other places. Such as the Indiana Jones arena at DHS being used for cheer competitions. Or the marathon expos that already happen elsewhere.
Also if someone is at WDW for a sports competition the majority of their time will be spent doing sports, visits to the parks is a secondary thing 🙂

Cesar R M

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Thanks for your valuable contribution to the thread.


Next Big Thing

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Are there any photos anywhere showing the complete interior of this new venue?
Here's the best picture I could find showing off the whole inside. It looks like it's a pretty intimate venue (holds 8K) when compared to larger arenas like Orlando's Amway Center, but it's still probably bigger than most places the cheerleaders that perform here are used to.

Here's the WDWMagic article: http://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions...e-world-of-sports-complex-officially-open.htm

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