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ESPN Wide World of Sports Expansion


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Disney filed a permit today with the South Florida Water Management district for a new building and associated parking at Wide World of Sports. The building will be multi-story and have a 179,000 sq ft footprint with a total of 286,000 sq ft. The building will be going roughly where I have marked in red, with new parking in blue. I have not found any information on what this building will be.


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Sounds like an expected move. In line with the idea of Flamingo Crossing, drawing in more sports teams/events and the nearing completion of two hotels there.


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Sounds like the size for a television studio...could they possibly be moving their studios from CT to Orlando?
That's very doubtful. They just built a brand new studio that opened last year. And with the way ESPN is going right now I can't see them pouring even more money into another new studio.


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The design and location makes me think they're planning to use this with things like NoJ in mind. Of course, I'm sure sports will take place there too. Will be interesting to see what it becomes.

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Well that's good. Last time i visited the place was a ghost town.
It can definitely be a ghost town if you go on certain days, but tournament days, spring training, College Basketball Tournaments, Youth Baseball tournaments, Pop Warner youth football championships, Cheerleading competitions/championships, etc. etc.

It's not like there's really too much to do there unless you are seeing a game or anything though.

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