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News Epcot's Rosewalk walkway closed for widening construction


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Photo update as of Friday, August 16, 2019. A lot of progress has been made since last week. Much pavement has been laid, festival kiosks are in place. The walls for the new restrooms have been erected, but I don't think it will be ready soon....

View attachment 398851

View attachment 398852
I can't help but notice that the sandy color of the new sidewalk (as nice as it is) is a distinct departure from the subtly iconic pink walkways that have been an important part of the park from its early stages. The original hue was chosen in concert with Kodak (a major WDW & DL sponsor at the time) as a neutral color that would make photos look better on Kodak's red-centric film. It was sort of an early precursor to the Purple Wall and its ilk.

Given the extensive repaving that will take place in the coming years as part of the various projects throughout Future World, this would seem like a ripe opportunity to change the color, if only for WDI to partially justify the cost of the work. Surely this color would be easier to maintain and match in the future than the unique pink color, but it would be yet another step away from the thoughtful elements that made the park unique.

As construction wraps up at the entrance and other early projects, it will be worth keeping an eye on what they do. It's plausible that this area might have unique pavement, similar to within the World Showcase pavilions themselves, but it's also possible that this is an early hint at some of the changes to come.

I personally don't dislike the new color, but it would be a shame to lose something unique and historic in favor of something more generic simply for the sake of change.


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That is a festival kiosk. It’s also not the structure being asked about that is going to be a new restroom.
I get it. I'm on a different paragraph on the same page. I'm ok with a bigger bathroom. That supports park ops. But to say the walkway is being widened just to make more room is disingenuous. Why can't it just be a quiet walkway like it used to be without any more buildings doing nothing but separating you from your money. Those shacks haven't been there THAT long.

Then again, I look at the mess the booths have made of the whole World walkway and I get a big sad.


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We don’t use film anymore, so it’s not really appropriate, as that color distortion no longer happens.
Of course film isn't used by average guests any more, nor did I mean to suggest that the color of the pavement had any practical purpose these days. However, there are countless things throughout the Disney parks that have long since outlived their original purpose, and remain in place as subtle nods, easter eggs, or purely out of convenience. In many cases, they're the small things that add depth and texture to the experience, revealing layers of history, rekindling fond memories, or creating that ephemeral “magic” that’s Disney likes to tout so much.

Similar to the old pavilion logos and original songs, the colored pavement served as a unifier among the disparate elements throughout the park. Even if you couldn't pinpoint exactly where a photo was taken, it was easily identified as Epcot. I doubt anybody has ever claimed to love the park because of the sidewalk color, but it's one of those subtle elements that’s instantly recognizable and distinctly Epcot.

The original pavement choice was a deliberate decision, and a distinct departure from Disney's typical approach at the time of using colored slurry that varied from one land to the next to match the park map (still widely used in TDL). Changing the color in 2019 isn't an inherently bad thing, but I just hope that the new designers are being as thoughtful and deliberate as the original team. How it pans out obviously remains to be seen.

Tom P.

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I still like photographs shot on film. But, then again, I still like visual effects done with models and motion control better than those done with CGI. I guess what I'm saying is... I'm old. :)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...


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are these now permanent kiosks? or will they have enough done to open the parts non bathroom for food/wine?
I think they are. There is a festival happening at EPCOT 2/3 of the year. To me, the way the pavement is design and the look of the construction says these are permanent.


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I think they are. There is a festival happening at EPCOT 2/3 of the year. To me, the way the pavement is design and the look of the construction says these are permanent.
They have historically poured concrete very similar to this around those kiosks for past festivals. Just to rip it all out when the festival concludes.

There is no reason to believe that those kiosks will be any more permanent than normal.
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