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News Epcot's Rosewalk walkway closed for widening construction


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Thanks goodness. I like that path but during festivals it's brutal. And given that festivals feel near-year-round, it always feels crowded.
Are they planning on building something else along that path? Feels odd to be doing it just for the sake of widening...

Captain Barbossa

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Trying to get through the Rosewalk walkway during F&G this year was hell, at all times of the day. That path is always crowded when we go during F&G, but this year it felt like that it was more crowded than ever. Glad to hear they're widening it. Hopefully they'll widening it by getting ride of the area where the playground is. That's half of the problem eliminated right there.
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Fable McCloud

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I'd love to see some more covered areas/shady spots throughout World Showcase, it's really brutal when it's sunny. I usually end up carrying a parasol just to keep the sun's intensity down.
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