EPCOT's Mission SPACE set to undergo exterior refresh


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Ha, this might explain the random wall of planters hiding nothing sitting near connections cafe a few days ago. It does look a tad dated so a minor refresh would be appreciated!


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I think this is being done due to the bad press their condition was getting on some sites. That being said, it didnt work for the monorails, so this must have been really cheap to do.


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I seem to remember reading here that we were originally supposed to get a dark ride about the history and future of space exploration, in addition to the nauseating migraine factory simulator that we have now. But naturally the company that has more money than Midas ran out of money when building the pavilion. I’ve ridden this attraction once when it originally opened, felt like absolute garbage the rest of the day, and haven’t, and won’t, return. Not to belabor the point, but the fact that we lost Horizons for this- just…hurtful.

It’d be like if they went to Niagara Falls, excavated it, redirected the water, paved over the surrounding land, and replaced it with a DVD loop of a film about the water cycle. That somehow also made you sick.

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