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Selling Entire collection, specific collection, specific item(s)

I inherited a Disneyana collection (mostly Mickey Mouse). I am getting older and have no children to pass this on to. I would like to sell the collection or at least most of it to a good home. I know very little of about the items or the value. I know that the items range from the 1930's to 1980's. I have items such as books, stamps, watches, plates, ornaments, ceramic figurines, dolls (rubber and stuffed), cars/toys (rubber/plastic/tin/wood). If interested in the entire collection, a specific type of collection or specific item(s), please let me know. I have some pictures of the collection attached.


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I see this is posted over two years ago. So I know you do t have any of the items left. I’m sorry for the reason as to why you have these items but I would be in tears happy ones if I were to have any of these items. I am. Huge Disney fan. I have loved Disney since I was a child and I’m in my 40s now and we just got back from a trip in Jan which my grandmother who had never been wa Ted my mother to take me and my 4 children to Disney and it all be paid for by her money left to my mom. My grand mother was very very dear to me and I miss her everyday terribly so I will hold that trip in my heart always. If you do have any items left I’m sure I can’t afford them but maybe. I just keep looking at all the items you had and it’s beautiful lol whom every collected these things had a heart for Disney as well.anyways thanks for your time. Sorry to bother you.

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