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Disney Classifieds - Buy & Sell

Buying Looking for EPCOT The Land Serigraph (36'' H x 24'' W)

Looking for the one that was released in Spring 2021.

Buying Club 33 Magicbands

Anybody have any of the following Club 33 magicbands that are new and unlinked and would like to sell??:
1. Club 33 Holiday
2. club 33 (black and brown)
3. Club 33 (creme)


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Selling Vintage Toy Pail Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto-1930s Disney

Disney vintage toy - tin sand pail with tin shovel featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Pluto. 1930's Walt Disney Enterprises by Ohio Art. The pail is in overall good condition. Asking $150 or make offer.


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Selling Entire collection, specific collection, specific item(s)

I inherited a Disneyana collection (mostly Mickey Mouse). I am getting older and have no children to pass this on to. I would like to sell the collection or at least most of it to a good home. I know very little of about the items or the value. I know that the items range from the 1930's to 1980's. I have items such as books, stamps, watches, plates, ornaments, ceramic figurines, dolls (rubber and stuffed), cars/toys (rubber/plastic/tin/wood). If interested in the entire collection, a specific type of collection or specific item(s), please let me know. I have some pictures of the collection attached.


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Selling D23 EPCOT Forever Serigraphs for Sale - Wonders of Life, The Land, Kitchen Kabaret


I'm selling three of my original serigraphs as I've replaced them with the lithographs, which fit my space better. I'd like to let them go for the original price ($105 each, plus shipping).

Let me know if interested:

Wonders of Life
The Land
Kitchen Kabaret


Buying Vintage Cardboard Mickey Mouse Club House

Greetings - I’m in the search for a vintage Disney club house as pictured. One was for sale a couple of years ago through an auction and another one just last year in November through another auction in invaluable.com (I completely missed this!). Will pay top dollar - preferably one that is NM condition or at least has all of the pieces in good shape (I’m trying to collect my childhood memories). Thanks in advance for any leads or guidance!


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Selling Disney Christmas ornaments

I have 280+ Christmas ornaments very rare highly collectible in very like new condition with original boxes. I want to sell the hole lot priced well. For more information message me. I have tons of pics and videos.

Selling EPCOT Serigraph Posters: Test Track; World of Motion; Wonders of Life; United Kingdom

Selling these posters at $105 each plus shipping. Private message me if interested.

As of 3/8/2021

EPCOT Serigraph Limited Edition of 300 Posters. I can combine shipping.

Test Track - SOLD
World of Motion SOLD
Wonders of Life - $105 plus shipping
United Kingdom - SOLD
Kitchen Kaberet - SOLD



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