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and now this post is gone. Hopefully they didn't get in trouble and were just told to take it down.
They posted something in a recent IG story that said they couldn't post any pictures or talk about rehearsals, but wanted everyone to know they were having a good time and that the cast was very welcoming.

Edited to add a screenshot of the post I was referencing.
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The article about the summer entertainment at DAK confirms the return of the aerial sequence in FOLK along with the previously announced return of the Tumble Monkeys. They have also stopped referring to the show as "A Celebration of Festival of the Lion King" in the press materials, which should be a good indication that the whole show will be returning shortly.

To me the flying bird is the best part. Are they back yet?


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Glad to see the Easter Cavalcade back but ugh that music! Can’t they use something more upbeat and fun like something from Tokyo?
Oh Yes! Usatama On The Run would be much more Fitting! Rollseyes!

I would think people would be happy to see the Trolley Dancers and here the Spring Trolley Show which, MK hasn't had in years(not COVID Related) Also, "In The Easter Parade" is Legendary for WDW!

I gues since the Trail Maids couldn't make it, MK could have pulled the COVID Card and not done it at All!!



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Never Mind! :)

Found a Vid:

No Trail Maids..maybe not a shock but Trolley Dancers are Back!!!!! Also, Spring Trolley Song was put in front of Easter Parade Song!!!!! Can we PLEASE keep the Trolley Dancers after Sunday???????????

I'd LOVE if the Trolley Show was back for my trip next week, it's nice to see the dancers in this parade!

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